Thursday, 24 June 2010


Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship Special Training a.k.a BeST, location: TESDEC, Marang and NMF, Gong Badak.. For sure it is in penyu state. =p
This course does take my 6month. Actually, I accidentally participate this course and yes the main reason is to get the 1k allowance, (duhh, how I buzzing around when the allowance was so damn late, ps: we didn’t have the final allowance yet, biotech, make it faster). The 1st 3 month was held by attending class conduct by trainers from sirim. Lots of new knowledge I gained from the class.. n lots of annoying and freaking bad thing happen. Statement “sy pn ade degree jgk” couldn’t erase from my memory and there, for the first time, I’ve been yell at in front of lots people, damn u Mr A. He already ask for an apologize, yes, apologize accepted but such awful memory, I wouldn’t forget. To tell you what, within that 3 month, I do feel like I’m acting in a drama, typical malay drama. Here and there, problems arose but as lot of actor/actress keep mention, “It’s hard to satisfy everyone”. The end of the class session, it was so damn irritating, duhh.. I do hate her.. Mdm S. you’re too much.. what a bad management. Please, resign right now. But it passes already. I do enjoy a lot when visiting SIRIM in shah Alam. The cell culture practice, our guru besar. Its something memorable and enjoyable . but still creepy bitch exist, been chased out from your room when you’re so tired. Its feel like you want to throw the person from titanic ship. Again, forgive and forget (could I?).
The next paragraph would be the practical session. After lots of bothersome matter, I end up practical in NMF. Here, I make friend and break 2 friendship. Opps, wrong. Its not me who break the relation. I’ve been dump.. zannen desu.. huhu.. So what, do I care. Gosh, I’ve always thinking I’m the right one but indeed it is obviously I’m right. I admit what fault did I done, so, sorry lol but when there’s human who’s unwillingly to forgive another human. So, do I need to care? Maybe they think they such a noble person. So go on. Keep proud of yourself, if it is, you’re a really noble person, omedetou gozaimash. And please do get a noble prize. Erm.. lynnlinn-sama, don’t blame others too much. However, I did enjoy spending my time here and the most important factor is…… the wifi… hoho… surfing and download jdrama.. and become addicted to facebook. Speaking of the facebook, there’s 2 taught in my head, fb can tie and untie someone’s relationship. Duhh.. so, it is good or not? For the sake, I got my new house here in bangi in such a short time, domo-arigatou fb but for my heartache, hell u fb… Whatever, before if such thing happen to me, I always type broken heart sentences, feeling hurt somewhere but the mature and evil me, if such thing occurred again and ever again, I’m gonna yell to that person, do I need to care. If u’re such a noble person. Be it. And do please check in book and any other references, what the criteria to be noble. It must new? Creative and innovative? Wak luuuuuu…… the end…….