Thursday, 23 December 2010

Linnlynn-sama shocked

Jambatan yang merosakkan
Nice quotation..
1st time I’ve heard the sentence till .
Linnlynn-sama shocked
Huh? What the what?
Taihen desu..
Am I that bad?
And the most important, do I look like a bridge?

Owh… no no no..
Patient ok,
No hard / hurt feeling
Just a little bit advice or should I type politely asking..
Eh?? Its that asking?
Jangan jadi jambatan yang merosakkan..
Chigaumasen deshtaaaa….
Aaaahhhh…. Jeremy, tasukette…
Gambatte dashou linnlynn-sama..
Feel like hurting a little bit here.. kokoro ni..
My heart.. ahhhh.. hontou apeunji…
- Di kala stress di ofis with a simple sentence being said.. huk3.. kejam..

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

PIty my neo.. hontou gomenasaiiiiii....

T’gores for 2nd time..
My own mistakes lgk..
Kenapa syazlin..
Kenapa.. neo t’gores.. hati I terguris.. sobs3..
Da 1st time, ok laa.. mlm xnmpk, tmbh xnmpk sebab xbape tinggi. N koya confident.
Ingt lepas.. sekali.. genggg…
Ok, cket je n kena kt bwh, xnmpk sgt.. rujuk gmbr di bwh.

But dis time..
Byk tuh..kena kt tepi, nmpk ok.. sy nmpk..(lg rujuk gmbr dibwh)

Sagat.. Waaa…
Nk msk ofis, kenapa nk kena scan pass dulu..
N kenapa, sy t’lps brek..
Gilo2.. Aaaarghhhh..Stressss…
Kete xsmpai 3 bulan..
N xsmpai 1 bln pn di Bangi..
Otak sy jem di kala ini..
Walaupun sgt2 byk keje utk di buat..
I feel like crying tp kt ofis nii..
Sabo, ok, mlm ni kite nangis stress ngn kealpaan diri sendiri..................
Ps1: writing dis n3 time jage bbdk UiTM exam RT level 2..
Ps2: sy sgt sedey.. evento, ramai y ckp utk memujuk duka dihati spt ayt2 berikut:
- beselah.. newbie pegang stereng.. org y dh lame drive pn, kdg, ter jgk…
- ala, sket je tuh.. -> byk ok, its real a big deal for 2 month + car…
- pegi polish kt kedai, santek sket .. -> sy sgt bankrupt bulan ni evento dpt 500 bonus.. waaa… gaji cpt masuk.. n ade duit pn.. waaa…. Ritu, pkcik polis dh kena seratus.. huk3… money problem lgk.. xde kete susah, sshkn org n rase sgt2 susah diri sendiri…ade kete pn lg lg ssh…..byk benda kena pk..letey la… k, I want to stop thinking for a moment.. but.. no no no no… mane boleh stop thinking… sereblum n serebrum n medulla oblongata nk pk jgk..
- belajar dari pengalaman ok, len kali, hati2.. dun cuai, dun alpa..
- etc
But still ade, makhluk2 asing y menyakitkan hati said:
- padan muka
- koya bwk neo, pendek.. mana nmpk -> ok, accident ni xde kena mengena ngn ketinggian, sy t’lps brek ok..
- tulah kuar ofis time ofis.. -> lunch sy xkuar sbb mane smpat nk jage exam kul 2.. so kuar kul 10.30..
- lgk lgk lgk....
Ps3: I want to take a break.. plizz plizz… I really need a break.. even not with kitkat..
Ok, confirm cuti, lps kursus kt kemaman, kite blk kelate…
Blk kg.. hoho blk kg…
Hoyeahhh… ok, tlg gembira.. tlg jgn pk lg.. namida naide..
(-.-) (^.^) -> xxxxxx (T.T) xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Me, a person with no sense of direction

It’s a common thing in my life.
Even it is my hometown.
I couldn’t remember the way.
Keep forgetting bout how to get here n there.
So, please, dun ask me about direction.
In this several days,
My heart is not at ease.
Dunno wut cause it..
Its feel like something bad gonna happen.
I’m so damn worried.
Honki de nayande…
I hate this feeling..
Frightening please wash away…
I should be confident..
Fighting linnn…

Monday, 6 December 2010

happy 23th Birthday.. eish.. bkn 18th kew?

Ok, enough Miss Linn..


Tepat jam 2 pagi, 4 Dec 2010.. genap 23 tahun, Wan Syazlin Binti Wan Yunoh bernafas di dunia ALLAH S.W.T.

23 tahun, mungkin terlalu tua untuk seseorang dan mungkin masih terlalu muda.

Haruslah, I rasa I ni masih terlalu muda.

Pengalaman hidup.

Tadika, Sekolah Rendah, Hospital Kota Bharu, Sekolah Menengah, MRSM KT, UTM Skudai, Zeccom, Maahad Bachok, Wadi Sofia, BeST Tesdec, Agensi Nuklear Malaysia.

Banyak lagi path yang belum ditempuh.

Dengan itu Miss Linn,

Selamat Hari Jadi yang ke 23 tahun.
Moga panjang umur.
Murah Rezeki.
Hidup diberkati ALLAH S.W.T.

PS: Tahun ni, I dapat 2 slices cake je.. huk3.. Tiramisu n Chocolate cake..anyway, thanks a bunch Miss Masz..

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Hati ni kadang-kadang….
Rasa kosong
Rasa sebak
Rasa hampa
Rasa hilang
Rasa tak bermakna
Rasa ketidakwujudan
Rasa ….
Stop2 linnn….
Hati kosong,
Mana boleh
How come you still alive??
Ok, I’m alive
But sometime lifeless feeling… ermmmmm…
Stop the ridiculous thinking of u..
Gambatte linnlynn-sama..

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

5 month....

16th November 2010 = 5 month being here and almost 4 month works..
(Refer to previous blog, I do nothing for 1 month +)
Either its blue collar, white collar, yellow collar, pink n etc…
Still works…
Lots of things came, lots of things learned, lots of things to be learn
Do also lots of tears drop by, lots of laugh being heard, lots of smile being seen.
Just something to be past in this short life.
Times do fly even we couldn’t fly or not even move an inch, but still, times do moves.
Second come after another one. 1, 2, 3… 60000000000000+++++ seconds to make it minutes, hours, days, month, years by years…
N without even realize, we meet the end of our life.
So, appreciate the day…
Salam aidiladha…
(^.^) --- wut da wut I’m writing (lgk copy ayt y pntg rupa, best la bro)

Sunday, 31 October 2010

fon i.. pulangkan.. pulangkan....

Life without handset is such a burden
Again, the clumsiness of me
Put things here n there
Always left, forgot, opps….
Such a careless behavior keep repeating
Again n again
n yes, say good bye to my baby white
evento its not blackberry o Iphone
o any other 1k+++ worth mobile phone
The way it missing
The way it been stolen
Do make my heart burning with anger
Oh ahjuma, why didn’t I notice u
I always forgive but not forget people
Evento my laptop which worth more been stolen
I forgive dat person already
But dis time.. its ahjuma
Person with baby n hubby
Together with ur beloved persons
How could u
Does it make your life happy by taking things not belongs to u
u u u….
u deserve my cursing
u deserve my fren’s cursing
u deserve my family’s cursing
I’m turning into weird again
Typing dis n3 like she will reading dis nonsense nagging..
Cursing u is so damn tired to do
Curse curse curse curse……..
I wish u will repent.
I’m no gud either but I do learn in Pendidikan Islam n my parents do taught me…
Taking a 5 minute left Sony Ericson hfon which worth RM400+ n turn off it within the minute is equal to stealing n dat is a sin.
Wearing a scarf, a mommy, a wife….
Eish2… kejamnya u…
Dai kiraiiiiiii…
I’m so damn bz (with my seminar, I need to call lots of person), so damn tired (byk sgt keje xsetel), so damn in much pain (ulser on my tongued – sakiiiit amt) , n equivalent…
I need my phone.. I really need it… simcard I can be retrieve at maxis centre n da nearest one is at Mid (30 minute if smooth traffic, if x????).. but my neo not here yet.. how could I go der???
I feel so much trouble, too much sakit hati.. I dunno wut to do…
Nag, curse, pray, reciting Quran… but still… the anger not yet released…
Letey la ahjuma..
I miss my baby white.. pulanglah
Feel like dun want to have any mobile phone…
Fon ofis je boleh???
Half life I dicurik lg… 2nd time…
2nd time my half life lost…
I’m turning to radioactive.
Alpha, beta, gamma ray
Oooooooh noooo….
No hazardous radiation plisss
Aishiteru senpai
Jun, kame, nanba senpai, yamapi….. miura…. Jeremy….
Tidooooo linn…. Fight o oh…
Sabar separuh drpd iman
It’s the 2nd lesson ..
More carefull….
Okeh??? Wakatta???

Jaaaa naaaa….

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Potluck alumni KLM

Not sure the correctness of the title (sila cek kt fb)
Actually, it’s a very sudden decision to join dat program evento I click maybe attend the event (saje je ltk niat walaupun mmg xnk pegi pd asalnya)…
But dgn tetibe I want to join da program..
Ok, laa… gelak2.. b’cerita dis n dat..
Reduce my level of stress n nervous of handling my 1st big event.. uish, terpk blk.. go away2.. I dun want to think bout it… Monday nti pk ok!!!
back to da story.. yes, it is reduce the stress of keje, demosa…
Waaa.. kami sesat.. from bangi tu puncak alam take bout 3 hours..sgt sgt lama..
But everything goes just right laa….

Jumpa bbdk klm y sgt2 lama tidak jumpa..
2 years xcontact .. kalo contact pn, sket2 je kot sbb b4 dis keje sesuke hati..
X permanent as currently, so, as I like.. nk resign2.. dakara, couldn’t join anything la sbb bz with interview n soever n bla2 (wut da h*** I did in 2 yers eh???)…
So conclusion of dat program..
Aym bbq sgt sedap, thanks to cik aemi
Coleslaw jgk, thanks to cik nad n me (hee, tlg potong carrot sket ok)
Cocktail too, thank to akak wife a.zul (lupe name, aiyoh, ampun dipinta)
Teh tarik which is only 1 cup je ditarik, thanks to kk afzan…
Air soya jgk lg, thanks to a.usop
Rendang n ketupat daun palas pn sama, thanks to akk wife a.zul lg..
N all da fud n drinks.. sgt2 sedap….
For da transportation, thanks to nad y dgn gigihnya, finally succeed to bring herself n me to da destination dgn selamat n y tlg anta blk umh walaupun looks very2 tired n sleepy..
So, 1.30p.m to 11.35 p.m….
Tanashi desu yo!!!!!...
PS: y sebenarnya, sy sgt2 segan utk tompang kete org, dh la xisi minyak kete pn..huhu.. tp.. dunno laa, I’m become more2 shameless *blushing*… nti belanja eh korang, tuntut la pd bila2 masa .. (^.^)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Reunion MRSM KayTie 03/04 for the ? time

Xsure reunion kali ke berapa diadakan but I join it for the 3rd time.
Dis time,little bit different bcz we having a picnic gathering.
Waaa.. sgt interesting..
Usually our gathering will be held at food court, then mkn, men bowling, karaoke, borak2..
But dis one, barbeque, mkn2, borak2, mndi air terjun… sgt seronok n best…
Especially utk org2 jakun y dh lame xmndi air terjun…

Thanks to penganjur Mr Farid Nadzmi Dzulkarnain (waa, name penuh tu) n Miss Hafizah Osman (ye ke name bapak dia ni, huhu, next yer da jd mdm,katenya).
Da story begin wen I t’coment photo gathering time bulan puasa, serious xtau cz time tu I guess xbkk FB sgt. So, sgt jeles melihat gmbr2 u ol n I think I comment, buat la lg gathering.
N 1 day after dat, Miss Pjah trus buat event… Rehlah Kaytie?? Not sure la, y pntg event kt Sungai Tekala… sgt excited spt electron b’tnga tinggi rasanya..
So, mmg confirm nk join evento haruslah facing transport problem. Sgt2 ramai state da problem. Therefore, our FNDZ (tetibe jd our) give his comment (lupe tp.. very2 touching la farid, I like..)
Dgn itu, confirm mau join, transport we will think later on…
Then, then then (pendekkan cite)… Miss Masz msg I to go with her, n emi..
I apa lg, sgt2 hepi with dat invitation..
Then, then lgk….
B’msg, b'comment di fb, stating da hepi2, xsbr feeling memasing n jgk promise burn nk blanje donut big apple y tlh t’gnti ngn kek y sgt sedap (tp still, donut, I nk jgk)….

Dijdkn cite, since Miss Emi n Masz akn menetap di umh I mlm b4 kejadian, Miss Pjah as penganjur tlh take advantages to us dgn meminta kami menggoreng bihun sbyk 2 packet.. I dgn lapang dada menerimanya dgn rela tnpa pksaan…
So, mlm b4 kejadian, kami (I n Emi) goreng keropok n potong sotong n udang n waiting for Miss Masz (from Perak) dtg menginap di umh I til 1 a.m.. n as common sense when kwn lame b’temu, we chating till 2 a.m ++…
Dat early morning, cik emi wake up at 5.30 a.m. n bcz of her, I wake up at 6 a.m, n then cik Masz wake up oso.
Goreng bihun with da kecik2 kuali (3 kuali) til 7.00 a.m. then, we turn to alarm clock Mr Syarir (masz da jnji nk amik dia, join sekali)… then smpai 9.00 pg, Mr S itu not yet wake up, we decided to go to knock his door. But unfortunately, smpai2 dictu, his house no berapa eh??? Arghhh.. Miss Masz…. Then, lgk call, call call till 9.15 a.m.. akhirnya.. Mr S wake up… n then waiting… waiting… 9.45 a.m… yatta… time kasih kerana testing our patient.. sabar separuh daripada iman wut??
N then.. the day begin… ramai y da smpai.. so, sgt rase b’salah bcz we bring our bihun to treat them as breakfast n besela, I sgt2 baek, I dun like people waiting for me (I serious bila taip blog).. 10.30 a.m., we arrive der… tgga2 di tpt kejadian sgt2 mencabar I.. huhu.. letih pnjt tangga..
Tetapi, wen meeting them… the tiredness disappear (terharu x korang??)
So, slm2… n gi mndi air terjun.. then mkn2… borak2…amik gmbar.. bkr2 aym (sorry cz kiteorg pdmkn bara tuh, masz y buat ok.. =p) difitnah xmndi (pdhl we oll da bgn awl n I da buat milo utk tetamu2 I dat early morning.. sob2, I dun like u Mr Burn, Syarir n sape lg y fitnah kami???
Ending, mkn eskrem.. pstu burn belanja eskrem lgk… amik photo lgk..
Then, 4.00 p.m, bye2, sayonara, matta kondo…
The end..
Overall, sgt hepi, sgt njoy, tapi ade feeling xbest sket sbb bihun sgt2 byk lebey, sib bek Mr S amik n one more xbest feeling wen kami b’3 xsmpt mndi air terjun ramai2 cz time u ol pegi kami pdmkn bara (huhu,t’ok, bkn sengaja)… n wen kami pegi korg da blk, tp ada jgk kot together2.. xkesah la..
Anyway, I njoy myself.. tolong2 buat lg ok…
Miss u ols

Monday, 20 September 2010

Raya’s Diaries

Cm title Vampire Diaries la pulak…
Hari Raya Aidilfitri more merrier than any other day for umat Islam (Kt Malaysia je kot) even if da right way, Hari Raya Aidiladha supposed to celebrate more.
Maybe because there’s fasting month b4 dat special day n cuti pn lg lama than raya Haji.
My Hari Raya dis year… erm, as usual, even hari2 biasa pn, there’s a lot of thing happen.
I’m describing starting from 1st Syawal.
1st Syawal – Solat Sunat Aidiladha, Salam2 with parents n siblings, visit my late grandma n grandpa kubur (opps correction, gi umh ayh Ngah y sebelah kubur, xgi kubur sbb kk mie xpegi). Then ikut konvoi the other family beraya di umah my relatives (mak’s side). After dat blk umh, tolong my mk prepare open house (nasi minyak + Sate). Then lgk, Along call suh gi umh dia (as usual, acara tahunan mkn laksa penang n kek lapis Sarawak di rumahnya). Then lgk2, Along n Mimi, I pksa dtg beraya umh I pulak. Dat mlm, tgk cite raya.
2nd Syawal - dat early morning utk mengelak jem, we blk to kg ayh to visiting my late tok wan n mak aji n mk ngah n etc grave. Odw, drop umh Cik Ah. Then kt kubur oready 12 tgh hari, waa.. hangat… payung ade 1 je… so, ayh n syamir je bace yasin dkt kubur n kami kt tmpt teduh, smpai je kan da bacaan. Then gi umh ama (my auntie), umh ayh ngah xdrop sbb all da people pegi beraya, save my duit raya, huu..Then b’gerak ke Jerteh, kenduri kawin ank kwn ayh. Then lgk, odw pulang, want to drop me kt wedding my fren cik Gee.. n as expected… jammmmm…. Waaa.. even, not driving… letey2.. smpai umh gee, 6++, gee is not der, outdoor photo.. eh???... xsempat jgk bertemu, xpelah, len kali we meet ok kt my wedding la kot, eh?????? … smpai umh, maghrib time oready.. xsmpat beraya umh kwn2, ampun ye….
3rd Syawal – OMG, diarrhea is attack sbb mkn xhingat dunia.. smbil visiting toilet, I men game farm carft 2.. I like…. N most of da day, tido, mkn, toilet, tv, pc. K.mie pulang utk bekerja mlm tu (gomenasai, xmmpu hantar).. she need to get back early sbb da cuti lama time puasa..
4th Syawal – perut still sakit2 tp not so bad la… dat lunch time, gi mkn kt kenduri jiran. Then cont men game farm craft lgk… dat night (even actually ptg lg diajak), bbq with my family.. ada kancil bakar, fuiyoo (xsedap pn, =p)… dgn excuse skt perut, I kecoalikn diri sdri membuat tugas mmbkr.. hee, tp cuci cwn I buat jgk sket ok… mkn smbil menonton MOmok the Movie (ape kejadahnya dat movie?? Lg kelakar I tgk limi men kete kebal ayh syah, limi-chan, hontou kawai).. dat mlm, mkn dgn sgt byknya jgk.
5th Syawal – I wake up dat morning dgn sgt lmbtnya… syamir oready skool, syafiq beraya, syarhan dating, ayh keje oready, mk gi handle engagement my ayh Pi. Owh no, left me alone…. So damn bosan dat day.. ngadap tv je, tgk cite zed zaidi kencing mlm, klaka2.. gud job abg zed..
6th Syawal – booking my future kete… evento, rase cm nk nagis bila I think RM 708 will be deducted every month.. waaa… but xpelah, satria neo cps solid white (AT), DBS 6454 coming… sowi ayh, I dun like black kaler… dat day jgk, gi mkn laksa lemak (kelate style) at umh my mak’s kazen. Mlm itu, mk kena prepare open house umh ayh cik sbb mk dibooking tuk jdk chef.. so, sbb ank y mithali lg baik lg sopan sntun (enough cik lin), I help my mk la… peel dat onion (nangis2 berkali2), halia + etc.. (byk keje I buat ok!!!)
7th Syawal – Open house umh ayhcik.. Period pain pulak.. aiyooh, evento photo2 y ditag oleh dikyah (my kazen) nmpk hepi tp act skt y amat.. waaaa…. Sowi ayh cik, dat day I mmg xtolong byk sgt (smpai lewat n cabut awl, eish, 12 – 6 jgk tp).. I xlarat nk menolong.. n dikyah, sowi abihkn coklat u, huu, so len kali wen k.lin tnya boleh bkk ke x, tlg jwb x ok….
8th Syawal – PP continued, so duk umh aje walaupun mk ajk shopping..
9th Syawal – lgk di rumah aje menontong panggung sbtu… =p.. mlm tu blanje my family dinner (ok, ayh byr sket)
10th Syawal – gonna b da last day di umh.. waaa.. I dun want to go back.. tiket, k.mie beli tiket KL sbb dia ingt Bangi dkt aje kalo nek komuter o dia rase, adik dia mmpu byr cab dri putra ke bangi o dia ingt adik dia ni ade centa hati y boleh pick me up dat early morning.. owh haruslah, sgkaanya salah semata.. bila tau tiket da t’beli begitu, lots of worry fly to me tp mls nk pk byk, ssh2 amik mc dat Monday.. so, mmg Tuhan dgr my wish, I ditakdirkan demam.. waaa….wen I’m typing dis n3, my nose still berlari2.. dat ptg send my adik nek bas tuk blk continue his study.. mlm, kul 11 I pulak y dianta…
11th Syawal – 12.00 a.m, oready tido, nek bas, telan obat.. haruslah jdk ngantuk y amt..sedar2, kt Benta oready, bus stop kejap.. then sedar2 lg kt depan msjid, ada org nk stop der. Then sedar2 lg, putra2, kate org bas.. 6.10 a.m.. 1st time, nek bas tido ngn bhgianya, thanks to da obat. Then, call my sis (K.mie td), mk kim brg sket kt dia.. tunggu her.. 6.40, dtg, so ask her to bwk 1 beg plastic (mknn2, mk bg) bwk to the komuter station with her Ego s, while I tarik beg I kesana.. smpai dsana, 1st time tgk kaunter tiket komuter kena q y sgt pnjg.. my sis tunggu jgk (xto y she baik sgt, mgkin menyedari her fault kot, =p).. 7.15, dpt tiket.. say gud bye to k.mie.. then waitinggggggggggggggggggggggggg….
7.45, tren penuh… 8.15, tren rosak (gila pening tgk org2 y sgt ramai kuar dri tren, dah la mmg dh pening, mmg menangis la I.. huu)… 9.15, penuh, 9.30 penuh, 9.45.. Alhamdulillah almost empty.. hepiii… sbb beg beso, kalo x msti da lame b’jaya menyelinap msk.. so, smpai stop UKM, 10.30… amik cab, smpai umh 10.45… mndi, take my medicine n tido smpai ke ptg… bgn, mkn sket..amik obat, tido lgk… bgn mndi, typing dis n3, telan obat n tido lg… esok kerja.. ganbatte kudasai cik lin!!!!!!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri

This is gonna be the last n3...
opps, in fasting month..
For sure, I'm gonna post another n3 for the next coming month (Bulan Islam)..
Just wanna wish, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin...
So damn bored today, my colleague say "kena mandrem ngn hari raya mood".. huhu
mls.. mls.. mls... boss xde.. huhu.. hepi...
fb xkena blok, hoyeah, bg can for raya...
Tonight, I'm going home tonight..
blk kg.. hoho.. blk kg...
hontou ureshinaa....
Duit raya for mk ayh n my 2 little bro blom cucuk..
Sampul raya not yet..
Why, no one gonna give it for free...
I think byk jgk shopping..
erm.. plg ke tnh air, will complete the raya2 thing...

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sebelum memohon jawatan di laman web SPA

Disebabkan tajuk kali ini berkenaan jawatan penjawat awam, saya akan gunakan Bahasa Melayu sebenuhnya, tiada bahasa rojak, mahupun bahasa pesanan ringkas. Mungkin ada beberapa Bahasa Inggeris tetapi akan dicondongkan(Italic).

Seperti yang sedia kita maklum, ramai rakyat Malaysia sekarang mahu bekerja kerajaan sehingga muncullah kumpulan di facebook,” tolonglah, saya mahu kerja kerajaan”. Saya sendiri masih menyertai kumpulan tersebut walaupun telah dilantik sebagai penjawat awam kerana jawatan yang diberi masih belum disahkan lagi.
Kembali kepada tajuk yang diberikan oleh saya sendiri, “sebelum memohon jawatan SPA”. Untuk memohon jawatan tetap di laman web SPA, baik lulusan SPM mahupun PHD, anda harus mengisi borang secara online, yang bermaksud anda harus mengenalikan alat elektronik yang semakin canggih tapi semakin mudah rosak yang bernama Komputer. Borang online mengandungi beberapa halaman yang perlu diisi dengan tepat. Sukacita diingatkan sebelum anda mengisi borang tersebut, sila pastikan sijil-sijil anda berada di tangan kerana anda perlu merujuk sijil-sijil anda untuk mengisi borang. Jika tidak, anda terpaksa menghabiskan banyak kredit telefon untuk menelefon ibu anda supaya memberi maklumat dalam sijil tersebut.

Terdapat 5 jenis jawatan yang perlu dipohon oleh anda bagi setiap permohonan. Dan setiap permohonan perlu diperbaharui setiap setahun. Sebelum anda meletakkan pilihan 5 jawatan ini, sila pastikan anda membaca syarat-syarat permohonan dan cuba membuat carian dalam web popular “google” untuk jawatan yang inigin dipohon. Jadikan saya sebagai contoh yang jelas, yang mengisi jawatan mengikut gerak hati yang selalu membuta tuli. Akibatnya, saya tidak sedar akan prosedur yang diperlukan untuk diberi jawatan-jawatan itu. Sesetengah jawatan memerlukan ujian bertulis dan fizikal. Namun, seperti yang kita sedia maklum, Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam sering melakukan beberapa perubahan dalam prosedur-prosedur untuk mengambil kakitangan kerajaan. Contohnya, dahulu, hanya beberapa jawatan yang memerlukan ujian bertulis, namun kini, bilangan jawatan tersebut bertambah. Berkenaan ujian fizikal, walaupun dengan logik akal kita berfikir, sebelum ujian lain ditawarkan, ujian fizikal seharusnya dilakukan sebelum ujian bertulis atau temuduga kerana di dalam ujian fizikal selain dari tempoh masa anda berlari 100 meter, terdapat beberapa syarat yang yang saya kira, tidak akan berubah dan tidak mungkin dicapai. Contohnya, ketinggian anda, mestilah 153 cm dan ke atas, berat badan 46 kg ke atas, ukuran dada ? cm (calon lelaki sahaja). What the ???. Maaf saya telah tersimpang di dalam menggunakan perkataan sopan saya sebentar tadi. Disini saya tidak menyalahkan pihak yang membuat syarat-syarat tersebut, bahkan saya menyalahkan calon-calon yang memohon (termasuk diri saya sendiri) kerana tidak membuat kajian terperinci mengenai jawatan yang dipohon walaupun telah diajar di dalam beberapa kursus seperti “HOW TO GET YOURSELF EMPLOYED”. Namun sebagai manusia, kita sering alpa.

Saya menulis hanya untuk mengingatkan kepada pemohon-pemohon supaya tidak tersalah pohon jawatan. Ujian fizikal mungkin kita mampu lulus dengan jayanya jika kita berusaha. Namun, syarat fizikal yang satu ini iaitu ketinggian memang mustahil untuk dipenuhi. Jika anda membuat pembedahan plastik sekalipun, hanya satu inci yang bertambah dan mengambil masa selama setahun dan sebagai golongan yang sudah melepasi usia untuk menambah ketinggian walaupun anda mengambil calciyum atau minum susu 10 botol sehari, bak kata cinta hati saya dalam bahasa Jepun, zettai muri-muri (totally impossible). Oleh itu, haruslah anda sebagai pemohon kerajaan, tolong membuat kajian mengenai jawatan yang dipohon dengan amat terperinci.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

I'm slow, lembs, moist, n etc

So what?
Sentap gile dis weekend + cuti nuzul Quran..
Whatever laaa... life must go on...
Ok, cik linn... you're 23, be matured...
namida naide... ok!!!!
Don't cry, no tears...
Please mention, so do I can prepare..
After dat, if I'm still unprepared, feel free to call me;
any hellish word..
wakatta kudasai!!!!!

Sentap, anger, annoying bebulan puasa ni...

langit xselalunya cerah,
malam tak selalunya berbintang,
inilah lukisan alam...
lirik merepek, gomenasai...

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Menu Bersahur hari ini......

Test using auto publish..
Menu bersahur hari ini
Pancake + Nestum 3 in 1
Sape kate masak pancake bkn memasak??
Unless if guna tepung segera tu mmgla..
Ni 1st time, google recipe pancake…

Recipe (digoogle n ditanya kpd azie):
1) 1 egg
2) 1 cup flour
3) 1 cup milk
4) 1 tablespoon sugar (I put 2, I like sweet)
5) 1 teaspoon baking powder
6) ½ teaspoon soda bicarbonate
7) ¼ teaspoon salt
8) 2 teaspoon veggie oil/ melted butter – I just use cooking oil cap BURUH.. xde butter, xde veggie oil.. (act, azie y ckp ok je, kalo x nk cairkan planta)
Method: search kt utube laa ye…
Byk jgk ingredientsnya, so, who said, make pancake not consider as cooking (again in english statement??)
Eish, cm blog recipe pulak.. da 2 recipe letak ni..

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Awak Cantik

You’re Beautiful
Suddenly would like to write the review of this Korean drama… (oready watch last 3 weeks).
There’s a pair of twin Min Nam n Gemma (boy n girl but with the same face n voice – gila xlogik).
They were ank yatim piatu. Heroin here is Gemma, his brother (tipu je, da same person actually is) want to be a singer n luckily a femes boy band nk accept dia join band. The band called Anjell  Hero (xto nk spell name dia cmne), 2nd hero (sorry oppa, I forgot ur name) n Jeremy (kn sng ltk name omputih). Da story start when, Gemma force to be his brother- msuk hospital sbb plastic surgery. Dress up n disguising as a boy la (ala2 cite Hanakimi la). So, besela when heroin y cute miut ni turn to boy n being with 3 main cast (1rumah ok), those 3 boys haruslah falling for her kn?? Pity Jeremy n 2nd hero oppa bcz heroin 4 sure being with her hero..
Conflict 2 in dat drama, standard Korean drama, to make it 16 episodes.. lots of conflict occured:
1)Actually Gemma want to be a “sister” – dh dibesarkan kt church, but dicancellkan for his brother sake.
2)Gemma fall for the hero but due to the purity of being raise at church, mane tau b’cinta, then ade conflict sket till she’s realize, Hyung , sarangheyo
3)The evil hero lampi gile… he tot heroin fall for da 2nd hero.
4)Secret Gemma turn to Minna kantoi kt evil girl (character girl cmni, wajib ada in Korean drama). So, naturally evil girl ni, black mailed la, apa lg. much conflict when she jatoh centa kt hero.
5)Da most complicated conflict here is, hero’s omma one sided love kt appa minnam n gemma. Tp dat ahjuma koya… bajet, omma the twin y snatch bf dia n blame kt hero, bf dia lari bcz she’s pregnant with him. Serious koya ahjuma nih.. I feel like to sekeh2 kepala dia b’xx.
6)Last conflict (b4 hepi ending), sbb ahjuma koya td, gemma pn main hide n seek ngn hero. Sedey2…
Hepi ending: omma hero mntk maaf, so missuderstand turn to understand, minnam y real dh blk… hide n seek game ended, hero found his heroine during their concert diorg.. Pergh, jatoh centa I kn hero’s voice, eoddeokajyo, eoddeokajyo , eoddeokajyo …. Lullaby gile..
Actually, it’s hard for me to praise Korean Drama o fallen for Korean actor except Mong Ryong (still dunno his real name) n Lee Jun Ki (mamat b’genang – dlm My Girl je dia sweet). But dis drama do make me say, kawaiiiii… but still overall story so damn slow. But I do fallen for Jang Geuk Sung (real name hero) when he’s smile, hontou kawai… his voice pn… waaaa…. Oppa, saranghee.
Jang Geuk Sung only kawaii when he’s smiling, da real kawaiii human being in dis drama haruslah Jeremy… daisuki!!!!!

Jeremy is my favourite actor in You’re Beautiful eventhough he’s the 3rd hero.. huhu.. bcz….he’s wearing yellow.. I do like yellow rangers, dakara, I do need to like him right?? 2nd hero oppa, biane (sorry), I’m not falling for u.. huhu
Apa aku merepek mlm2 nih..
Start to get bz, but still blur2 ngn tgh jobs given, OMG, kebluran, pliz disappear…

Monday, 16 August 2010

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan – although it’s too late late to wish..

xde la lmbt sgt, today it’s just the 6th day right?
Speaking of fasting month, the best thing is the berbuka puasa.
N da best moment of berbuka puasa is when together w ur happy family.
Homesick lg cik linn???
Actually entry ni, I want to put my 1st cooking dish for berbuka puasa..
B4 dis, haruslah lauk y dbeli kt bazaar je…
Bazaar Ramadhan area Bangi..
Ape y ade?? Nk blk kg… gi bazaar KB, Wakaf Bharu o plg x, kt c4..
Oishi desu….
Ni foto aym goreng halia, made by me. (^.~)

Don’t judge it by its look ok!!!!.. (bad sgt kh?)
Best tau (ye ye je)…

Recipe : tnya mk n ikut gerak hati.. =p
1.Half bwg beso n 2 bwg putih n halia (agk2 la, sket je) – blend (kalo rajin, gunalah lesung)
2.Tumis bwg y diblend td.
3.Agk2 cm naik bau bwg, mskkn aym (potong kecik2)
4.Then, if da aym cm da nk masak, put some halia (potong kecik2 lg, ltkla ikut suke anda)
5.Pastu ltk kicap sket (nk bg ade kaler) n grm secukup rase..
6.After dat, carrot n cili padi (kalo nk pedas, ltkla byk2 but dun forget halia dh pedas tau)
7.Last, fry it till rase2 cm dh boleh mkn.. DONE…

ps: suppose I post dis n3 yesterday but server down...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

sunway lagoon... wut u should do...

Weekend ritu, saturday, my sis ajk gi sunway, act nk gi genting but tetibe b'tukar p sunway lak..
n coincidentally dat day oso ade concert, concert y ade katy pery, WG, Bunkface n etc, haa, concert MTV (damn - radio keep playing their song, best tp wen too much... grrrr)...
so, 4sure la jln sgt jem.. moral of da story, plan wisely..
eish, ape nk cite td..
ye, bout ticket counter...
ticket counter near to the stage (tgh sound check kot - baka btol)
my sis n da geng oready buy da ticket using kad kredit,
sbb i lmbt sket, i beli alone la, tp wen i want to pay, dia ckp.. RM 70, eish??? I ckp nk tiket RM85.. sound trouble btol (ok, bkn slh dia jgk sbb sound checking tgh b'lgsg)..
tp, akk I bsing la, I senyap je, just pelik sket (I sgt baek)..
then dat girl ckp, nti u beli kt dlm, tmbh RM20. bengap.. da jd RM90, plak.. wen kiteorg ckp cmtu, dia ckp ye la.. Math kami dpt A ok, 85 n 90, i noe which one is the greater.. so, sbb akk bising2, dia tukar tiket.. dpt jm oren.. then, konfius jgk, y akk n da geng kaler blue?? kecoali helmi n mel kaler oren cz diorg beli b'2...
konfius2.. akk ckp dia rm85 jgk.. so, kiteorg consider, saje je kot.. byk kaler..
n then troskan p'jlnn b'8...
jln2.. then sape ntah request jom msk screaming park.. pstu, nk msuk, kena thn.. jm kaler oren je..
jeng2... sume cm blur n realize, ok da oren n blue sure b'mkna.. n akk2 cm bese, bising2.. kite byr for da oren.. so, they all suh tunjuk resit...
resit kt locker.. ok menapak jgk..
n then wut heart broken, tiket rm60... huhu... byr by kad kredit, xperasan...
so, kami b'3 je.. cm pelik y amt msk screaming park ngn kapel y bru knl.. duhh.. jdk org ke3 lgk... how i dun like... dai kiraiii..
moral of da story: kaunter ticket sunway, jgn sound trouble even sound check tgh dbuat, n pmbeli2 tiket, tlg cek resit anda, n 1 more thing, make sure resit b'= anda.
tp, kiterg decide nti, tukar jm kalo nk msk, dpt new things, lain kali nk pegi, beli tiket murah n mhl, pstu, tukar2.. gud idea right?? tp at the end, xmsk pn diorg.. da lewat sgt cz kiteorg ade dinner dat night.
masuk screaming park.. bodoh hantu dlm tuh, pksa tgk show dia.. huhu..
tp quite interesting laa.. letey t'kejut...
tp sgt weird bile b'jln b'3, sib bek mel kck, muat jgk lalu lorong2 sempit smbil holding hands..
PS: i xtakut just t'kejut ok... njoy but little bit tired n hungry.. dinner kt le meredian mlm tu, chinese food, i dun like...

Monday, 2 August 2010

dun eat too much ok!!!!!!!!

Last night,
For da 1st time...
Taste someone cooking...
My bff...
Nama dirahsiakan...
Respect her request..
huhu... cm artist la pulak miss X nih..
bcz of it was da 1st time,
so I dipksa mkn...
byk tuh...
nti kecik hati xabis.. --> byk lg kt dapur.. sape nk roger I b4 the sizzling mee getting bad..
pstu... even da kenyang...
tetibe diofer cadbury chocolate..
mane bleh reject...
chocolate ok...
chocolato, chocolato..
chocolatuka, hoshini...
pstu mkn ngn gembiranya,
then, sunsweet lgk...
and at the end..
I'm suffering bcz my stomach so damn full...
act, perut I t'kejut cz 2 days b4...
I starving myself (t'pksa, bkn sengaja)..
Then, yesterday,tetibe, breakfast, lunch, minum ptg (mkn jgk), dinner, late night snack lgk.. mau xt'kejut..
so.. from 1.30 a.m till now...
duh.. da bad symptom shown..
tp da ok kot skang...
moral of da story,
mkn sblm lapar,
berhenti sblm kenyang..

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Finally got a job to do... wink2

But still, I don't how..
Gosh, problematic work..
even b4...
n I need to continue..
dan sigh lagi ~~~~~~~~~~
headache suda... sobs3.. tsk3...

Monday, 19 July 2010

I wanna be a billionaire.... so freaking bad...

Lyrics lagu semata, but btol la... who dun want to be billionaire??

I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad
Buy all of the things I never had (yeah, shopping)
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine (xnk la, mencapak)
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights (bling2)
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
For when I’m a billionaire.. (y nk kena prepare??)

Yeah I would have a show like Oprah (nk buat show tom2 bak je)
I would be the host of, everyday Hari Raya
Give my beloveds (ade s sbb plural) a wish list
I’d probably pull an Angelina and Brad Pitt
And adopt a bunch of babies that ain’t never had (hoho, xnk byk sgt, nti xsmpt jage)
Give away a few Mercedes like here lady have this (waaa, nk mini cooper cm Adam)
And last but not least grant somebody their last wish
Its been a couple months since I’ve single so
You can call me Linn jgk..
Get it, hehe, I’d probably visit where Katrina hit
And damn sure do a lot more than FEMA did (yeah, agreed smbil mengangguk kepala)
Yeah can’t forget about me stupid
Everywhere I go Imma have my own theme music

Oh every time I close my eyes
I see my name in shining lights
A different city every night oh
I swear the world better prepare
For when I’m a billionaire
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire
Oh oooh oh oooh for when I’m a Billionaire

I’ll be playing basketball with the President (xreti men basketball, eh, ade ke sport aku reti?)
Dunking on his delegates
Then I’ll compliment him on his political etiquette
Toss a couple milli in the air just for the heck of it
But keep the fives, twentys (?) completely separate
And yeah I’ll be in a whole new tax bracket
We in recession but let me take a crack at it
I’ll probably take whatevers left and just split it up
So everybody that I love can have a couple bucks
And not a single tummy around me would know what hungry was (ade ke around me lapo? malaysia ok, xde y mati sbb lapa, mati sbb too much eat adlh)
Eating good sleeping soundly
I know we all have a similar dream
Go in your pocket pull out your wallet
And put it in the air and sing

I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
Buy all of the things I never had
Uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad!

billionaire... bling2... gi japan, eish, gi mekah dulu...

Friday, 16 July 2010

It's been a month...

16th June 2010 - 16th July 2010...
1 month, 1 bulan, 1 purnama, ikkagetsu
Whatever da pronunciation...
Mada-mada... When you wanna give me a task to do??? onegaishimas..
Damn bored.. sgt2 bosan... hontou hontou nakaguri.. (btol ke sentence japan ni?)..
erm.. dunno wut to type here... just wanna put a photo, my 1st day after work..

Ni lps mkn sate kajang kt kajang.. huhu... da registration for da job so damn letey..
sbb no breakfast, no lunch, no drinks.. ok t'pksa.. bcz cafe jauh.. n no one ask me to eat together..miserable gile rase.. yeah, lone ranger.. ok till now but now cafe da dkt n oweys bring something to eat.. o just puasa..
I've gastric, so whenever i mkn lmbt (puasa mmg kena bgn sahur n if puasa, dia jd xlapar, yelah.. buat phla kn).. eish, da t'sasar, if xmkn, simpton2 pregnant women akn wujud.. waaa, xbest2..
da lupe nk type ape.. huhu..
Weekend ni will be at my ayh pah house.. so, will no longer lone ranger.. hoyeah.. my bro will be together.. ureshinaaa. someone to talk to.. to laugh to...
1 month di bangi, tmpt2 y dilawati adlh spt berikut:
1) Sate Kajang - mkn2 together with my family b4 been left.. sobs3 (sy sgt homesick skrg)
2) Parkson - kt Kajang kot, beli toiletries n pillow, nti xleh mndi n xde bntl nk titow..
3) Pasar malam kt bandar bangi lama - beli nasi lemak, hanger n etc
2) Kedai runcit SOHO n lelain - beli baldi n jajan n etc
3) Nilai - cari comforter, rak plastic n cempedak goreng, 5 2 hinggit (gila mhl, ok, I'm not in kelate)
4) Kedai perabot kt Bndr Bangi lama - beli tilam, rak baju n tpt hanging baju
5) Warta - ntah beli, abis jgk 50hinggit
6) PKNS Bangi - beli cadar n kasut gi ofis..
7) bank n 7e - abiskn duit..
8) alamanda n kdai mkn - jgk abiskn duit, eh gi beli eye shadow..
huhu.. tu je kot...

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Baby boy lgk?? How frustrating….

Baby, baby.. All babies so kawaaaiii….
Bcz da size n da innocence look…
As an idiom says: “bayi umpama kain putih” (idiomkah itu?) – wo pucotau la (smbil mengangkat bahu)..
Eh? Wut did I merepek ni, everyday post n3 evento no one gonna read, ok lah, blog SS, just wanna fill my free time with sumting b4 bz nti..
Recall lagu raihan (its oso a hadis), ingt 5 perkara b4 5 perkara. Lapang sebelum sempit.. so, waktu lapang ni gunalah sebaik mungkin (Ok, mengaku I dun use it wisely)..
Back to da topic, baby boy lgk, lgk here mean again but doesn’t me my baby again (I’m single n available ok). Baby in my family..
Currently babies (boys): limi-chan (omost 2 yers, afford to utter a few words, eg: bah oo bah, cuu oo cuu, oo is a must bcz his abah love to watch otomen, wen u want to call me tat lin oo tat lin (ceh, cm tat nenas la pulak), zizi-chan (omost 1 yer, still membesar ngn jayanya, his cheek kaler pink cm kuma-kun, n syafi-chan (1month++, sdg berusaha membesar smbil dibuli daddynya)..
n we waiting for another baby, n again, expecting baby boy… waaa… frust2…
I’m waiting for a baby girl from my family to play around n to buy lots of kawaaaii stuff to give her, eg: hair clip, hair band, ribbon2 n wut I just saw last week in PKNS Bangi… so kawaiiii for baby girl (gown baby which only using 1 meter cloth but worth beratus2, ok its so comey, so couldn’t be help)… I tot to buy one to present but.. waaa… xt’capai niat ku..
So, wut to do is.. waiting.. baby girl from my family… huhu….
I tot some crazy idea which my mak will nag me all day long, but still I want to adopt a baby girl..
My mak will say, kawin la, ade nk amik ank angkat, but mak, its just a plan cz my standard reply wenever people ask, ko bile lagi lin? Me: byg2 calon pn lo made.. huhu… so, even da shadow I can’t even see, means…..
Erm.. da truth, I’m not even like kids munch.. Lots of things to take care of, their crying (urusaii yo).. but still I think I need to raise a baby… baby cm amani (adamaya), hontou kawaaaaai..
Yeah linn-lynn sama, u going crazy.. blup2 – sound effect Paul diving..
PS: little bit down 2day bcz someone gud news.. sobs3.. tsk3.. eish, xkeciwa pn just little bit down.. laen ok..

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My netbuk.. damn u but still u’re da pengubat duka lara n peneman di kala sunyi…

-si comey putih-

I call my netbuk si comey putih - like a cat's name right?
hee... obviously due to da kaler n da size….
but, he (PS2) did broke my heart…
I bought him, last few month ago, my 1st allowance (BeST course – I did mention b4 wut the H**l is dis course), 4surela xckup, allowance 1k je, si comey nih, 1.3k (I ask my ayhcik (tokey computer) to giv me da cheapest netbuk he had).. So, as the youngest daughter of Puan Zamzani,I ask my beloved mak to topup the balance . not asking my ayah (oready ask him to topup (75%) when buying the PC – last yer).. so, dis time, my mk pulak. Huhu… --> I do payback the balance ok.. (to my mk only)
When I got si comey, excited dowh– it’s been 1 year ++, I dun have my own laptop (laptop zmn skolah being stolen, damn u si pencurik – pulangkan –> nada maya Karin digunakan dcni).. PC xbest, beso, susah dibawa kemana2 (I bwk jgk mase jdk cikgu) – beli sbb nk tgk cd sbb hifi kt umh rosak n dat time no laptop/notebook/netbuk worth 1.3k.
But lame2, da feeling not so best anymore.. I just realizing, my netbuk can’t be use to play much game, n da sims 3 was release.. duhh, need to play in da PC kt bilik (kt umh shja, so whenever I ‘lari dari rumah” – currently, I can’t play) sobs3… n no DVD-ROMs – ok, I realize even b4.. but still… lots of incompatibility of this Aspire One… make me keep missing my old laptop (even heavy gile n oweyz dserang virus2 centa), but the old one is better. Si comey ni still ade gud things, ringan + - 1.2 kg, so, I can’t bring it w/out making a fuse (beratlaaah) and just put in my handbag (thankful amat) n da battery thn lame +- 6 hours ….
Haaa… battery, I really glad by its ability, no need to bring the charger and no need to find any electric input… but.. wut I really (x 1k) disappointed is… its decreasing… evento, I’m not so mnjaga dis si comey (ade I jage bnda kew??) but da battery, I do take care.. I’m wake up early to charge the battery until the signal from oren turn to blue, turn off my battery whenever the battery signal – oren kelip2 (wlpn I mmg nk guna lg), never charge my netbuk while using it (ade 2kali shja – amt t’pksa)… to summarize here, I do much to take care of dis si comey punya battery..
But in the end: after almost 5 month using it, the battery signal never ever turns to blue color. Duhh.. For the start I tot something wrong with the extension plug. Ok, rilek, try charge kt len.. da same… waaa… even 4hours ++ I’m charging, xpnuh2 (usual - its only take 2hours n half).. feeling like someone stab u from ur back (mstilah menipu – dis idiom nothing to do with da story.. =p)…
So, I turn on si comey, and check the battery, its show me 98%.. and never goes up.. n wut more dishearten, its keep decreasing, now only 78% (da fullest) n yes it going down, wut I notice, about a month da battery dropping 20%.. (o-O)… then, after I count a little bit in 4 month (probability), the battery might be gone – need to bring the charger oweysss.. huhu…
Da conclusions:
1)Never ever mnjaga battery too much..
2)Dun put high expectation for a netbuk when u bought da cheapest one
3)Dun naek van sapu from negeri Penyu a.k.a Tganu to Kelantan bila tiket bs xde.. Si comey pnh jatuh dri van wen a guy want to take his bag w/out considering si comey was inside the bag on his bag.. Kusooo u whoever u are (I sempat buat muka n giv an evil look to him n bising2 sket, nk mrh2, xlrt, letey amat dat time)
4)Dun let semut/ namlu/ ants (xde kena mengena ngn nadiah mohaidin dcni), enter ur netbuk (dun eat sweet things whenever u mengadap netbuk – oweys did dis) -> mybe one of da factor…
5)Gain lots of money, afford to buy the great one / whenever netbuk jdk mangai, I can buy another one w/out complaining n sedey2… k, material physics graduated, must think materialistically.. duhh..

PS1: I’m missing zmn skolah, jdk bdk bhn.. bile korg nk buat gathering??
PS2: I address si comey putih as ‘He’ bcz more suitable for a creepy annoying thing – awl2 ok, akhir2 xok.. gomenasaii (ade unsur2 sarcastic dcni)..
PS3: hontou ni gomenasai si comey putih, si pencurik, si guy y drop si putih, but u ol deserve my cursing (ok ok, I still dpt dosa, curse org, mntak maap la ni)…
PS4: pencurik is he jgk, I noe laa… 1 hostel with my bro, xkn mat ael 1 hostel with a she…

Mengadap si comey putih... how annoying u r, aishiteru...

Sunday, 11 July 2010

main masak2 di dapur... lalalalala

me - cooking???
waaaa.... interesting...
Before this I only cook - water, maggie (real cooking okey, maggie goreng n maggie rebus - but sgt2 mls bcz ade my bro y rajin msk for me), telur mata/ dadar, burger n da equivalence, ikan n aym goreng (mstilah my mak oready put the kunyit + salt n cut da fish o chicken - seriously, I've never n dunno how (not my fault lgk, my mak n kk mie never allow me to - "xjd rupa lauk la nti", kata mereka, sobs3...
So, I've give up in cooking, dats why cecite, marry with super duper rich guy (4 sure ade tkg msk, hoyeahhh).. but when I've got dis permanent job (hopefully, Gov dun fired me plizzz), I've given up upon kawen with so called org kaya - yealah, da ade income sdri, so, I can live by myself (materialistic view ok).. n in my kpale otak, I'm going to spend my money for food kt restoren/ gerai/ n delivery.. never ever cross my mind to cook.. (I'm so damn lazy girl esp to wash the kuali n periok)...
but, smlm I da memasak.. aym msk kicap (all by myself including the washing part).. I think ok la kot, not bad for da 1st time, housemate xckp ape pn - I wonder, did she mnjga hati o really nothing to say?.. for me, ok da kot (not memuji diri sdri).. even, i think bwg terlebih - pttnya kena tumbuk but dun have any lesung la.. so, just chop da onions.. huu.. nk blend, mls nk basuh blender (mls lgk), aiyoo.. next time, would like to cook chicken soup.. b'jaya kh?? aminn...

P/s: nk cari mane lesung ni? huhu

Friday, 9 July 2010

I'm missing them... sobs3

missing them very much, those little arwahs (ade s sbb plural)huhu

Thursday, 8 July 2010

maybe 1 more week to to waste...

Since 16th June 2010, I'm doing "nothing" a.k.a mkn gaji buta. but not my fault laa...
For da truth, I'm sickening bored... damed bored... n I'm freezing.. I wonder, did my reseptor sejuk t'over detect the sezuk... c dis photo, how I'm suffering day to day.. covering myself with sejadah n wearing socks..(T.T)

Just meet the director general (KP - Ketua Pengarah), had a little bit interview with him.. duhh.. how I mess up the introduction of myself... ~bad 1st impression I guess~
At 1st, I tot next week, I'll have the place to stay - suffering no more (perhaps)..
demo san, mada2 (with my head moves left to right)..
Still need to wait.. maybe ichi more week...
Sabow je la lin.. treasure dis freedom even I absolutely didn't wish.. huhu..
but wut I dissapointed amat.. I just realize I could connect my net-book trough the wireless even lots of things being blocked by admin but still I can online.. means, since 16th June - 6th July, I waste my online time for free (I'm not afford yet to buy da broadband)... How frustrating.. malu b'tnya sesat jln... but I do ask, but wrong person... ask the right person few days ago je.. waaa... y I'm to late to ask the right one.. n y wen I ask long time ago, the wrong one.. wutever lol... at least, have something to do right now... waiting patiently, linn-lynn sama... ganbatte kudasai with da freezing, winter moscow sezuk lg...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

world cup 2010...

I vote for Belanda.. hoho..
For the start and even b4, my favorite team was England, since zmn skool lg la... Beckham kn.. even dis year, xde dia, but still setia...
hee.. but its almost final.. German da broke my heart by scoring 4-1 towards England.. duhh, how frustrating.. taula terer but no need la till 4 score kn.. huhu... whatever, Belanda da confirm final, Germany mada2... tomorrow mornink, 2am will decide either Spain o German..
It's not something surprising if Spain make it to the final... see, how Brazil been defeated????
This world cup do have lots of kezutan.. game kn.. 90 minutes with various feeling..
so, we wait and c.. go go Netherlands...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

wut a dull life i'm facing.. duhhhh

Am I too sensitive or did she too insensitive?….
God, day to day, i felt, I become hated.
It’s damn hurt..
I feel like I wanna run away but it couldn’t be help..
Need to press on.. chaiyok2…
Keep holding on k…
Linn-lynn sama…. Gambate kudasai…
Just for a moment..
But this kind of moment..
When it’s gonna be last???
Duhh, u need to change ojou sama…
Have to…
Become Yamato nadeshiko…
A perfect lady but the truth I don’t want to..
I just want to become someone who not to be hated…
Haih… sighing again….
Got a job already..
And I thought my tears that wouldn’t be dried will have an ending..
But still… namidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………….
Flowing over again…
For the sake, I’m too boring over lot of stuff…
OMG!!!!!! do put some colour in my life currently…
Make it lively…
In the past half month, my life getting too dull…
Sobs3….. tsk tsk tsk…..
Lone ranger, when it comes to the end????????

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship Special Training a.k.a BeST, location: TESDEC, Marang and NMF, Gong Badak.. For sure it is in penyu state. =p
This course does take my 6month. Actually, I accidentally participate this course and yes the main reason is to get the 1k allowance, (duhh, how I buzzing around when the allowance was so damn late, ps: we didn’t have the final allowance yet, biotech, make it faster). The 1st 3 month was held by attending class conduct by trainers from sirim. Lots of new knowledge I gained from the class.. n lots of annoying and freaking bad thing happen. Statement “sy pn ade degree jgk” couldn’t erase from my memory and there, for the first time, I’ve been yell at in front of lots people, damn u Mr A. He already ask for an apologize, yes, apologize accepted but such awful memory, I wouldn’t forget. To tell you what, within that 3 month, I do feel like I’m acting in a drama, typical malay drama. Here and there, problems arose but as lot of actor/actress keep mention, “It’s hard to satisfy everyone”. The end of the class session, it was so damn irritating, duhh.. I do hate her.. Mdm S. you’re too much.. what a bad management. Please, resign right now. But it passes already. I do enjoy a lot when visiting SIRIM in shah Alam. The cell culture practice, our guru besar. Its something memorable and enjoyable . but still creepy bitch exist, been chased out from your room when you’re so tired. Its feel like you want to throw the person from titanic ship. Again, forgive and forget (could I?).
The next paragraph would be the practical session. After lots of bothersome matter, I end up practical in NMF. Here, I make friend and break 2 friendship. Opps, wrong. Its not me who break the relation. I’ve been dump.. zannen desu.. huhu.. So what, do I care. Gosh, I’ve always thinking I’m the right one but indeed it is obviously I’m right. I admit what fault did I done, so, sorry lol but when there’s human who’s unwillingly to forgive another human. So, do I need to care? Maybe they think they such a noble person. So go on. Keep proud of yourself, if it is, you’re a really noble person, omedetou gozaimash. And please do get a noble prize. Erm.. lynnlinn-sama, don’t blame others too much. However, I did enjoy spending my time here and the most important factor is…… the wifi… hoho… surfing and download jdrama.. and become addicted to facebook. Speaking of the facebook, there’s 2 taught in my head, fb can tie and untie someone’s relationship. Duhh.. so, it is good or not? For the sake, I got my new house here in bangi in such a short time, domo-arigatou fb but for my heartache, hell u fb… Whatever, before if such thing happen to me, I always type broken heart sentences, feeling hurt somewhere but the mature and evil me, if such thing occurred again and ever again, I’m gonna yell to that person, do I need to care. If u’re such a noble person. Be it. And do please check in book and any other references, what the criteria to be noble. It must new? Creative and innovative? Wak luuuuuu…… the end…….

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

ps i love you

After few weeks, finally, finish reading ‘PS I LOVE YOU’. What a long time to finish up the 500++ pages novel. Damn, I become lazy day after day. I used to love reading but of course not school books. I thought this novel is about love story and romance but I’m glad it didn’t turn that way. This novel I think more about family and friendship and for sure love relationship also revolved along. What a nice novel to be read, no wonder it was an international best seller. During the reading, almost all the time, I smile and laugh reading the story line. What a nice family Holly had. Her husband. Her friends. Her siblings. But when all the person close to her seems so damn busy with their personal life, for some reason, my eyes filled with water.. Kuso, I’m burst tears out of reading a novel.. That’s the 1st time I guess. Perhaps, it seems I understand a lot those feeling. Lonely feeling. ‘Nobody’ feeling.. erm.. its hurting.. yaa, hurt till my body shaking.. to be exact, lonely feeling is some frightening feeling, I wonder.. How is that when I’m dead.. all alone… kowaii desu.. that’s a fact that we, human on this earth are facing. Just who 1st is the matter? Back to the novel, it was really excellent novel. Currently I’m watching the movie. Hope it will turn out as good as the novel.
Dareka???? (Who)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

a little intro for my blog

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone...
Hajimemashite... This is my 1st entry for my official blog.. B4 this I'm crazy writing blog about my up and down life in my friendster and myspace blog.. But I stop all of those long time ago.. Now I'm begin to writing again.. To tell to the truth, I don't have any idea what to write. For sure not because my life going stable yet, just some times, I do think that I'm too old to write because I'll always comes out with baka idea. Whatever it is, live still will move on, even if one of us couldn't move anymore. Then, that is, my 1st blog post.. Yoroshiku onegaishimass....