Thursday, 14 April 2011

After 1 month +, not updating my blog

Since creating dis blog, every month, at least, der 1 n3 but for march 2011, not even a single n3..
Eh?? Watake??
Bz.. bcz.. as usually, miss linn, luv to hold the job till last minute n ders lots of sudden things came.
EL, attend talk, seminar, colleague EL (so need to take over her job), meeting, induction course, n my office moving to another block n bla2.
Waaaw… taihen desuyo…
Moving… another block.. Block 11 to 57..
Far far away….
Ok, its not my house dat far, just fr 4km change to 8km. n xtra 2 junction. N xtra jam.. n xtra stress.. omo omo… I dun like driving.. tlg jdk driver I, onegaiii….
Would like to highlight here.
Moving is not an easy task.
Please bear in mind. even though its look like easy.
Because its look like not its is… mitaina not da same as, sinjitsu..
I wonder, how hard its gonna take.
But as innovation n transformation generation.
Gambate kudasai, minnasan… evento my fingers like breaking while moving 3 seated sofa which is..
Sgt2 besar n heavy lol….
Minggu Induksi Khusus Bil 1 2011
Ended.. (1/4/2011)
Looking forward for Bil 2 2011, 3 days 2 night.. eodi???? Pangkor Island.. hopefully..
5 days here.. attend class n visiting.. ok lol..
But tired bcz attend course while moving the office.
Eh.. complaining lgk…
Currently at the new office but…
Erm…. No need to describe.. masalah dlmn… huuu
So when stress out.
Eat this kind of thing

Popcorn GSC t’baek..

Strawberry n chocolato.. eh?? Nai des?? Choki2 pn ok wut..

Mabushi cookies… mabushi..
Kenapa, Kame, si comel tuu, member2 (anti japang drama) ckp looks so girl2… xhensem.. eyebrow trim??
Eh??? Wut the wut… comel apa….
Question2 as, “ada ke Kdrama y xbest?”byk ok…
“ada ke Jdrama y best, actor Japang ensem?” answer still byk ok… if 2 3 j/kdrama je tgk..
Dun ever compare.. which one better, which one cuter.. both has their own charming.…n the cuter part., I dun get how cute is described.. ermmm… Jeremy n kdrama actor said, jband is their influence. Oguri is his mentor.. c c c … whatever lol japang dtg dulu b4 korean.. (geram btoll org y compare2 nih, 2 2 ok je.. but dun over critic, I dun like but af9 sucks)..
Have a look at otentou sama stuff..
Kawaiii deshou???