Friday, 28 December 2012

Why oppa still being my desktop background?

Oh naui sarang.. Oppa Jang Geun Suk a.k.a Jang Keun Suk a.k.a Prince of Asia a.k.a Geun Suk san a.k.a sukkie.. kyaaa…

Hehe.. my 1st love Korean actor and singer? Oho.. Nampak beno menipunya kn? Mong Ryong (bukan nama sebenar – Sassy Girl) tu siapakah?

Ok.. ok.. Nama sebenarnya Jae Hee, real oppa as dh 30+.. oppa JGS only, few month older.. (oppa jgk ok). Jae Hee was my 1st love for Korean actor.. oh, how I love his character in dat drama.. dan semestinya, bila centa ini… I for sure akn google him n find out drama apa lg he’s in and proses dunload will be starting.. hoho.. tp at dat time.. tenet sgtla tenat n drama dia xbyk sgt.. ade cerita zmn dulu kala…
Honestly, I can’t watch that type of drama.. HK drama, ok, I can stand the story line n etc2 of the zaman dulu kalanya but Korean drama.. mian2.. so, the love feeling towards him kind of so so.. n he’s not singer, never act as idol n I can’t see any kyaaa moment of him.. Therefore, he’s not meant to be.. hoho… same goes to any other crush, such as Lee Jungki, Hyun Bin, Adik Hong Ki, Dong Hae, Kim Hyung Jong, No Min Woo n etc2.. of course typical cool, tall, sombonk, angkuh, proud, full of himself character except adik Hong Ki, character dia, just being himself is adorable already.. kui3.. but this JGS Oppa kind of different.

Why he’s so different? Sebab centa itu buta.. hoho.. ok, mmg x la.. centa towards oppa definitely not a blind love as he’s tall, pretty, cool, handsome even doesn’t have the 6 pack abs or can see vessel arm, I don’t care as perfectly build body for man, I not really interested in that even though my housemate kind of uwaaah for this type of man. I just don’t.. Maybe that explain why I don’t really fall for Kim Hyung Jong anymore as he’s kind of muscle man nowadays.. no need, oppa, just remain tall and skinny.. (too skinny cm skeleton tu reject ok)… n of course dat tiger in Running Man, I don’t really like him.. I suka the ugly Gary (sbb sgt2 peaceful Gary n kind of keep giving surprising)..
Ok, back to the story why oppa still my desktop background? Ok, first reason… I love him.. love love love.. kipas susah mati oppa.. Eels forever evento I don’t like eels but what to do, the fan club named due to the favourite food oppa which give him courage, that slippery eels.. andwae..
1st time falling for him in You’re Beautiful, when he’s smile… as I feel like pausing the drama.. uwaah.. its like love love love in the air.. oppa, how come u being that cute… but. I hate his hairstyle in dat drama and as my n3 regarding the drama, I fall for Jeremy (the 3rd hero) as he so kawaiiiii…. But, I do falling for his voice as he singing lots of ost in the drama.. otokajo.. otokaja.. oho, sgt2 lullaby, I can’t sleep without listening to the song (dulula, see, how parah I am?).. but still the love feeling were so so so.. and then, my ciksu told us bout the new drama, he’s being the lead.. Mary me Mary or Mary Stayed Out All Night. I watch at kbs channel for the start.. 4 ep a week.. but, then its reduced to 2 ep only.. oho, how I’m dying of curiosity of knowing what the ending till I asked my ciksu again to post the dvd of the drama which she’s download. But still why? He’s tall for sure.. slim skinny.. n his smiling.. gagagagaa…. Maybe because of his character always like frowning young man who suddenly, smile.. it’s like.. fuwaaaahh….kawaiiiiii.. melting2… and in the drama, he also singing the ost.. how, I love to listen the hello, hello song.. kyaa… kawaiii.. melting lagi… his long hair, aigoo.. its suit him perfectly. I don’t know why, I really hate curly hair as its kind of girlish n same mcm my real oppa (erk, muntah ijau) n donseng y gomuk itu.. but when its come to this oppa, ok.. everything were fine.. naega, michi, michi baby.. I love his long hair.. oh, jelba, don’t cut it short anymore. Then, the love story begin.. Googleling, dunloading.. n what I found, I already watch him in movie Baby & Me, di Zeccom dolu2.. Dat time, the love still not in the air, sekadar mengisi masa lapang sahaja.. Jatuh centa kt baby itu saje.. hik3.. Then, gila tgk CF oppa, MV n etc2… retgk berkali2.. of course, I’m not having bloody nose o equivalent…unbelievable punya addicted kn?.. Its not, centa y.. I wish, I were his GF o wife o wut.. Just simply a fan who just wanna love him.. love love love.. hehe.. (Psycho la pulak rasanya, abaikan).. orang2 tertentu saje y phm feeling itu.. kekeke…
And, at 2011, ade concert oppa but at dat time, sedeyly to mention.. xdop duit.. thn diri dari menjenguk website concert itu, n when just a few days b4.. alos, tiket, seratus lebey pn ade.. full of regret!!! Ok la, xpe la.. tgk oppa on the screen saje.. Then his new drama this year were love rain (ade n3 synopsis dis drama). Tone of people keep saying.. damn bored drama n include me.. hehe, mian oppa.. but anyway, its not that worst.. its pretty cute.. pretty scenery drama. Come on la, 2 zaman drama, 70s and 2012.. so, for sure, the 70s feeling can’t be digested by most of us.. Whatever, I still love his look the most in the drama. Maybe, because the partner, itu adik yoona too skinny, so, oppa near her, look a bit manly.. boleh? Frens, keep saying he’s too pretty, too girlish. And scene dia dgn yoona, its dat both girl? ---> kata ko!!!! MARAH… hehe.. oppa cool ok. The pretty side of him also cool. Come on lah guys, it’s not a sin to be pretty even more prettier than a girl..
Cakap2 orang. Kutukan orang.. totally being ignored.. haha.. bila la nk fall out of love with oppa ni.. maybe when he’s getting older, of course so do I as we share the same year of 1987.. kan? Oppa… kuiiii3…

Di saat jiwa kosong, menaip n3 menggunakan bahasa y suka hati ko je…but its still better, typing n3, y converting e = 3 n etc2. eg: b3st 5gt... Its annoying ok, stop it, terutamanya, adik2 muda remaja, tiba2..

PS: neomu2.. sarangheyo oppa… ^.^

---> I’m not hentai for sure, its just innocently, purely love of a fan..