Monday, 21 February 2011

Himono onna… Dare? Atashi??

I’m crazy watching hotaru no hikari again n again.. (2x retgk only)
Omoishiru.. honki des…
No kawaiii actor, heroin cotto kawai but despite of the way she’s dress up..
Zen2, arienai…
Uso, ders sho(not real name) in 2nd season , kawaaiii ok but just supported actor.

comellll kn sho.. ngeee
Hero, a buchyou 40+..
Of course, I’m not gonna say, kyaaaa kawaaiiii to him..
But da drama, da character… waaaaw…..
Bakkaaaa desu.
I do luv da part, when they rolling together..
Goro goro goro goro..
I do practice a lot.. but.. dun have the veranda lol…

Ohhh… how I would llike to have a house like her but no cat please.
The drama do teach me a lot.
Its just simple story of a himono onna.
Himono onna here mean.
A lady who not really being as a lady.
Just, shigoto, otsukaresama, tadaimaa…
No weekend, no outing..
Fail enjoying life as a women
She just crazy over the work but not really success in career either,
N yes, no love story supposed to be involved..
But still, drama, so the himono onna did fall in luv.
Being a himono onna, she clueless bout how is dat.
To be in love, there’s the way.
You couldn’t just fall in love..
N lives happy ever after.
As fairytale in Shrek,
Then, her divorcee buchyou teach her bout relationship.
N yes, success. Himono onna n her bf in love2.
But, as the story move, dis himono onna realize, she’s not being herself when being with her bf.
Only with her buchyou, she will b himono onna (bcz they terliving 2gether).
So, then… as the 1st season gonna end.. Buchyou n himono onna, couple, but the ending, himono onna transfer to China for 3 years..
So wuts gonna happen??
2nd season..
As story cont from 1st season, himono onna become a little bit older and mature (in her look only)..
Buchyou no changes bcz oready old b4.. haha..
2nd season more interesting bcz der sho, daughter masamune kun oso..
Hontou kawaiiii..
Himono onna return to buchyou after 3 years.
N her viva distance relationship, only a lie not to be made by any other girl.
Bcz ders no one as gud as her buchyou, 3 years distance relationship. Just contact by 1 postcard.
Wut the wut right?
Drama ok.. no emo…
So, drama begin.
Ders third party form both side.
Jealous2 but because their love is real not imaginary.
Therefore, their relationship success..
Ending with married.
A clueless, careless, crazy, n no common sense women..
End up with a married life..
Waaw… impressive..
I do like the part when sho try to kiss himono onna.. n himonna onna said, “dame, I will fall in love with u”
Wut the wut??
Its dat when u being kiss, u gonna fallen..
Its dat easy to fall in luv??
Himono onna… supposed I’m not interested and not planning to copyright her.
But, I do found its interesting..
Life, shigoto, otsukaresama, tadaima, ittarashai…
No shopping, no hang out…
A bored life but the way the drama illustrated. Its quite fun..
Goro goro goro goro…
Why not become one?
but married with a buchyou? 40+ divorcee… arienaitsunooo…

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

When tears wouldn’t stop pouring…

Aiyohh… naide equal to ame?

Aina itsunoo.. doshio2…
When trouble come after another.
When I feel like losing
Wouldn’t it better if I’m running away.
Demosan.. otokajo?
Wouldn’t u give me any idea?
Or answer because I the one who didn’t know how to answer
Question that been ask
That been point to me?
Yaaah… I don’t have anyone to tell my problem right now
Since it’s become multiplying, taihen desuyo..
Who should I rely? Who should I talk with?
To let go the annoying feeling inside of me?
Kazoku? Tomogachi?
Yadaa yoo.. wakaranaiiii… lei it go..
But if I let u go… I’ll never know.. eish (lyrics westlife lol)
Wut the problem actually is?
Why I just feel.. The things just don’t get right..
When I’m the one in charge?
Naze? Naze?
Too many questions waiting their answer.
There’s time limit.
But, I didn’t even manage to enter the exam hall.
How I’m supposed to answer?
and if I manage to, how the answer will be mark?
By dareka? Are they qualified to give me any marks?
Are they qualified to give me any judgment?
Today, lynnlinn-sama feel like give up.
Mataa deska??
Haih.. haih..
Fighting lynnlinn-sama..
Back to shigoto tomorrow.. Life should be moving on..
Sou desuka??? Hait. honki des.
If incorrect, baby neo? Whose gonna pay for her?
Hate talking bout money..
Hate bout mentioning how money is needed.. but but but but..
Its not even 100k, why need many procedure?
U all really jokers…
Huhhh?????? I’m just follow the order.. Its dat my fault? Owh.. responsibility….
PS: I’m thinking a lots tonight, I’ve been ask to think regarding other matter does relate to my future. But my mind interferes with anything else. How should I do the thinking? Doshio.. doshio.. doshio..
PPS: I really tired right now. Tired of thinking, tired of explaining. Tired of listening. But that’s learning. U need to learn lynnlinn-sama. Its like my manager said, as Islam state, u need to learn till die. So, if stop learning, mean u’re already dead. Am I correct. But sometimes, the 23 years old, 2 month n 13 days of me just couldn’t afford the learning process.. Please do give me some times and support me to be a better human.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wedding my youngest uncle a.k.a Ayah Pi a.k.a Sir Hana a.k.a Md Hanafiah Md Yunus

As my n3 b4 did mention about wedding my Ayh Pi.
So, in dis n3, I'm going to cite the wedding ceremony.
Once again, kekkou omedetou
Da story, hajime.
3rd Feb, mlm itu... berlangsungnya akad nikah. dikatakan hana-chan melafazkannya 2x sblm sah jd hubby Cik Hani. I dun follow, need to tlg2 bcz the next day will b the event.
4th Feb, da big day, mjlis perkahwinan di rumah penggantin perempuan... n di sana kami, dif2 vvip t’buat bride’s house mcm rmh sdri.. gome2.. tp mmg I dun like da photographer.. kerek nk mmpos.. =p… so, take2 photo, gelak2.. bising2.. kelik kelik kelik….
5th Feb, majlis menyambut menantu at our house pulak. Unfortunately, I kena gastric on dat day.. gile saket.. but still dgr my family bising2… huks3.. sgt stress xdpt join da event. Then, bila mkn2 da abis, take2 photo dh abis.  I xjoin.. huhu, even mkn pn, mkn 2 sudu nasi saje.. huwaaaa… for da last session, bukak hadiah.. ni I join bcz the aches suda kurang maa..
Then.. bersurai.. esoknya.. most of us, pulang mencari rezeki kembali.
PS: I dun like dis n3 bcz its really look like I dun have any interesting point. ~sigh~… mitaina…^^