Sunday, 18 December 2011

scheduler-shi.... omo omo....

alamak.... fallen in love again... mattaaa.. lynnlinn-sama??

with... Scheduler-shi... choooo kawaiiiiii....

and dis song quiet nice, ost paradise kiss movie, ada sho - bkn nama sebenar la, tp comel jgk...

he is a kawaiii akuma, neh??

Lyrics Hello - YUI


hello, hello, hello, hello, ... How many koishiteru no?
I can see sugu ni wakaru wa
makka na jerashii kakaete

chigau jibun ni kidzuiteiru
kiken na yume, furetaku naru
douka shiteru
ah rakuen no saki ni
demo ne, chotto
tobikomenai wa
konna atashi no koto
anata kitto warau desho
madowaseru yasashii akuma

hello, hello...

Don't stop ki no nai furi shite
Anytime machi kogareru
jounetsu sore wa tegowai
hitomi no oku utsuru kage ni
kanawanai ki ga suru kara wasuretai wa
demo rakuen no saki ni
yorisoeba me wo tojiru dake
sonna atashi dattara, anata kitto kirau desho?
madowaseru tsumetai akuma
isso deawanakattara
yokatta no ni
say hello say goodbye
hajimari no yokan tomerarenai
kuyashii kedo suki ni naru
sono ushiro sugata ni
naketekuru kara
tabun sou kitto modorenai ne
itsuka atashi datte
anata muchuu ni saseru
hohoemu no kawaii akuma


hello, hello, hello, hello, ...
How many times have I fallen in love?
I can see, I understand immediately,
carrying this downright jealousy.

I notice this different me.
This dangerous dream, I want to feel it
Something is wrong with me.

Ah, I would love to be in paradise,
but I can’t really jump up there, right?

You will surely laugh
at my actual self, won’t you?
You, gentle demon, who led me astray

Don’t stop pretending you don’t care
Anytime that I long for
Passion, that’s so tough.
in the shadow reflected inside my eye
I feel it wont come true, so I want to forget it.

But I would love to be in paradise
I will just close my eyes if we cuddle together.
If I acted that way, you will surely hate me, right?
You, cold demon, who led me astray.

It would have been better
if I never met you.
say hello, say good bye
I can’t stop the start of this forebodement
It’s mortifying, but I started to like it.

I start shedding tears
from your retreating figure
you will probably won’t be coming back, right?

Someday I will make you
go crazy about me
You, smillng cute demon.

Sumber >> Yui - HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ lyrics | SANoktah

copy from here:

PS: domo arigatou...

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Its alright, daijoubu, genchanayo... ??

Its alright even if the entire world sends hardship in your way..

Plagiat a lyrics. Forgot already what song it is...

But of course... its not alright... this lyrics.... tipuuuu...


Monday, 19 September 2011

14 September, 16 Syawal… nightmare? dareka, please wake me up...

As usual, as a commoner, when there’s a bad event occurred, there’s a lot of…
If I…….
But when talking about, “berpijak di bumi nyata”… reasoning will be ignored..
Instead of “If I”, there’s also, “luckily”.. Thus, as an almost 24 years old women..
I do gather a lots of “luckily” compare to “if I”… yes I do matured enough..
But still… there’s lot of thought in my head.. n they were gathering n keep mixing, spinning. Perhaps, I’m being thinking too much, n those thought do confusing me.. so damn much…
I couldn’t burst a single tear even though it was… saddening.. n I do feel I need to cry out loud.. but.. I just couldn’t…
Is it matured or some kind of pathetic feeling?
Couldn’t be able to express the feeling or just simply afford to ignore the feeling and as so faking of me said, there’s still lot of thing I need to think instead of this…
But… as mention.. faking…
And it couldn’t be truth..
This few days before, I do feeling something bad will occurred, but I do hope, please, the bad things, do occurred towards me only.. Please don’t involve anyone.. n still it involved lots of people..
And this kind of things… contain lots of moral of the story…
It was, not the first accident experienced by me.. but the moment.. still couldn’t be described within words..
It’s just.. too fast…

12:00 ++… hungry, let’s go for lunch… ermm.. MCD, does my office within the delivery area?… but, still, I feel like going out… shigoto.. do stress… perhaps eating outside would lift up some stress on my shoulder.. – unexpectedly, it’s does adding much much stress…

13:00++, let’s go, zarina n baem… n I feel like driving that very day.. n where’s we heading? Not at sg buah again… Bandar baru bangi.. roger..
And, after traffic light, turn right, turn right.. then.. is it left or right? straight…
Straight…ok….berhenti lin…..(interval).. kena ke? Bang… (interval)… haah?? Ok ke? rina? Kena… trok ke??....
Otokajo… ok, calmed down, reversed.. your car can still moving.. ok, parked at the road side…
Miss Persona: “awk xnmpk ke? Sy baru amik kereta ni”. Judging from her road tax, 2 months ..
I really don’t know what to do.. ok, call somebody… tasukette…
Either claimed insurance o just paying… then, report police 1st…
n neo… daijoubu? Moving?? Yes moving, but, alignment .. n there’s creepy sound.. n then, its raining…. Heavily..
Baem drive neo to kajang? Can o not?.. no no… too dangerous, please don’t take any risk..
Parking.. call hidayu, please.. help me… n raining.. keep raining… 3 of us.. waiting in neo…
Hidayu, late.. isn’t it? Worried… ok, then, Alhamdulillah.. arrive… 5 of us heading to kajang.. but as we still not eating anything yet… tapau mcd first.. mc chicken taste like nothing… n I couldn’t afford to eat much…

15.00++ … arrive.. meet again with with Miss Persona, how is it.. if claimed insurance… no NCD… how about just paying… discussion… haah? 5k?? muri-muri… ok, the best choice, claimed insurance...
But.. otokajo.. calling2… waiting to report… then.. no 17… eh? another counter? Gehhh…
Then, waiting for our turn… miss persona do report 1st.. it surely take timeeeeee.. then… my turn… report..
Need to c mr sarjan.. again.. Waiting.. report again..
As written, law for traffic: there’s a summon issued towards me.. geh.. RM 300… no discount…

17:00++ … heading back.. call car towing.. Miss Persona doesn’t want her car to be send to Proton workshop? Eh????
Mr Sarjan also arrive.. Mr Sarjan: “jalan ni, memang xblh pergi straight actually, either right o left je” … ok then, kelisa straight n 3 4 +++ cars also..
Mr Sarjan: “nk saman, mmg byk la”…
Then.. wut the wut….. please, do label the road wisely n as u said lots of accident occurred here.. then, ……? Instead of keep issuing nonsense summon.. Take some action.. honour the work.. couldn’t you?
Neo was towed to puchong.. sayonara neo.. matta kondo, please come back healthier… claim insurance, summon, document, n etc…. will be settle the very next day…

19:00++.. arrive home with Hidayu…

20:00++.. go to K.ina open house.. I just couldn’t afford to be alone...

22:00++, calling lots of people.. daijoubu, daijoubu, lynnlinn-sama… subete wa, hontouni, daijoubu.. at the very least, no one, injured… alhamdullilaah… thanks to ALLAH S.W.T…

Dunno what time I could be able to clos my eyes.. shocking state…..
The very next day, settle up the document.. thanks to hidayu, let me borrow her car n baem, thanks for bring me there…


1)Maybe in 3 weeks, neo can come home… surely, aitakute yoo…
2)Miss Persona: I… speechless… sorry for the trouble.. but it was accident..
no one ever asked for it. It’s not like, I drive with any alcohol influence, or speeding or etc… it was accident.. Blaming people, we need some consideration to take.. Do hope, your persona will be ok.
3)Miss Linn: do sleep well. Waking up once in 2 hours, doesn’t give u any benefit. Don’t think too much, you’re not alone.. At the very least, kazoku will always support you.. Just do learn from this lesson... very very big lesson…
4)My ayah n mak: Sorry, I hate worrying both of u, but.. It is just couldn’t be helped.
5)Zarina n husband n family: sorry, hope your baby will be ok, how I wish… baby girl: o genki deska? Stay healthier, onegai…
6)Baem: Sorry jgk…
7)Any other person involve directly or not: So sorry also…
8)Minnasan: I truly apologize and thank you from deep of my heart..
9)There’s lot of missing part in the chronology.. but… does it matter? No right…
10)Do annoyed with u.. Mr C: wut the wut….. Adding oil in the fire, does give profit to you.. but… is your life happier by doing so? ….
11)Life wasn’t easy.. n it’s somehow, some kind of freaking cruel but that not what we calculated in life. How you approach the life is what matter.

(^ ______________________________ ^)

oppa on my desk... domu-domu sarangheyo.....

Friday, 8 July 2011

Oh My Darling

Kyaaaa.... oppaaa.... --> mode: little bit bichoso bcz so sleepy.. lunch hour d hari jumaat n d bulan puasa, hoyeah.... lalalalalalalalala ..... oyasumi minnasan..

Kawaiii deshou?

Neojigeum museun saenggakhani?
Gwaenhi unneun geoni?
Daeche alsu eomneun gwiyeoun malseong kkureogi
Chonseuleoun maltu
Namja gateun neoe pyojeongdeul
Wae iri singihage boilkka?
Dont know why I pray for you
Geunyang jayeonseure neoman barabwa

Oh my darling, darling, darling
Neomu sarangseuleon nae geudaeyeo
Oneul bamdo nae kkumeul jikyeojwo
kiss me kiss me kiss me
kaendiboda dalkomhage
naemameul nokyeojuneun geudaeyeo

Oneuleum eodilgani?
Tto museun sago chini?
Ije neoman bomyeon dugeundugeun michilgeot gata
Yeppeun yojosugnyeo
Modeungeol gajchun yeojal boado
Neo ttaeme mudeomdeomhal ppuniya
Dont know why I pray for you
Ireon naemmoseube naega deo nolrae

Oh my darling, darling, darling
Neomu sarangseuleon nae geudaeyeo
Oneul bamdo nae kkumeul jikyeojwo
kiss me kiss me kiss me
kaendiboda dalkomhage
naemameul nokyeojuneun geudaeyeo

put your hands up,put your hands up
Neoul soni naege daheulttae kkaji
Dugeundaeneun simjangsori
Geudaega gajyeogan

Oh my darling, darling, darling
Neomu sarangseuleon nae geudaeyeo
Oneul bamdo nae kkumeul jikyeojwo
kiss me kiss me kiss me
kaendiboda dalkomhage
naemameul nokyeojuneun geudaeyeo
Nae sarang geudaeyeo


What are you thinking right now?
Or are you laughing vaguely?
My irreplaceable cute troublemaker?
you talk inelegantly
You face expression is like that of a boy
Why do you look so strange?
Don't know why I pray for you
Maybe i only look at you this naturally

Oh my darling darling darling
my very lovely girl
Tonight I dream of you again
kiss me kiss me kiss me
you're sweeter than candy
you melt my heart

Where are you going today?
which troubles will you make?
now just looking at you drives me crazy
pure beauty
even when I look at women who have everything
I ignore them just because of you
Don't know why I pray for you
And my heart feeling like this,even surprises me myself

oh my darling darling darling
my very lovely girl
Tonight I dream of you again
kiss me kiss me kiss me
you're sweeter than candy
you melt my heart

put your hands up,put your hands up
Put your hands up to take mine
my heart is beating beating
when you grasp my hand

oh my darling darling darling
my very lovely girl
Tonight I dream of you again
kiss me kiss me kiss me
you're sweeter than candy
you melt my heart

my heart is beating beating
you are my love

PS: I plagiat dis lyrics somewhere... domo arigatou..
PPS: fb jihoo oppa, 2 juta ++ fans, oppa Geun Suk, 100 thousands + je?? otoke..(T.T)
PPPS: oppa, next year, concert u at malaysia, confirm I dtg --> tlg mula menabung cik lin..

Monday, 4 July 2011

Saya Pegawai Kerajaan, Saya OK

Plagiat sket title n3 Shakoy..
Pejam celik pejam celik, 1 year dah berlalu dari tarikh lntikan pd 16/6/2011…
Sepatutnya n3 ni dah lama, pos.. tapi, bz sket…
Hari2 bz.. xbz pn, selalu bzkn diri.. kn…
Life should b… kalo x.. life.. xde ape kot kalo ders nothing to do…
Plg x, heart need to beat… mmmmmm….
Lebih2 lagi, a single lady like.. atashiii laaa….
Lady, women, Puan, mdm… sound old.. but had to face that kind of word..
Almost 24 years dh lin…
Matured enough… kalau kahwin… dah berderet baby kot.. (cliché statement)
Tapi da problem is,
Xrase pn.. rase cm bdk uni dulu je… so, xpyh la suh I kahwin, byg2 calon pn xnmpk lg..
Tunggu je la ye.. kalo ade, adelaa… kalo xde…. Erm…. So, xpyh laa tnya dat cliché question…
Kdg2, rasa nk lempang laju2 je..
Tp still, commitment kerja… lin, u have to realize dat.. not an easy task…
Evento ramai y tnya, student practical ke??
I staff ok… but its kind of irritate, when people call, Puan…
Alamak, do I look like ahjuma… duhh…
Back to saya pekerja kerajaan, saya ok…
Ramai y ckp, kalo msk gov, confirm tetap, confirm dpt pencen..
But, x jgk…
Prestasi diutamakan…
Don’t judge government servant such an easy job..
Myb we all y plg tinggi commitment.. plg wajib kena jaga nama…
Ye lah, public always said, we all y byr tax utk byr gaji gov servants ni…
Halo halo… gov servants xbyr tax ke??
Yes, betul jgk, ada laa (baru belajar kewangan ritu)… so, heavy kan… commitment kami…
My work more towards management things…
Speakers, clients, colleague, buchyou…..
Sume, kena jaga hati.. tp hati I…
Ade org jg kew?
Hati sendiri, jaga sendiri la cik lin..
Sometimes… rase cm ape je kn…
Tp x blh x blh….
Kena strong…
Kn dh bace ikrar…
Kerja apa xde prob, cer ckp… kalau ada, tu bkn kerja kot…
Times do fly… xblh pause cm game the sims, xleh forward, xleh reverse…
Ada teori fizik do state… masa tu blh reverse, forward, tp arinaitsunooo…
Impossible laaa…. Sbb ada condition dia, n dat condition tu human cm kita ni,
Mmg x la kn… n dh Allah S.W.T dh sebut dalam surah Al 'Asr..
So, renung2 kn dn selamat beramal.
Tp ye lah, human ni selalu je… bila rase down… bila rase regret tu dtg….
Do think, kn bgs doraemon, si kucing biru tu ada…
Nk je, guna mesin masa, blk jumpa diri sendiri n ckp lin, jgn buat tu..
Lin, tlg buat tu…
Cik linn… menyesal ku akui, x terima cintamu… eh.. lagu menyesal lak keluar…
Cinta kt Yang Maha Esa, cinta kt family, cinta kt dunia, cinta kt akhirat..
Wajib la kn… cinta kt my shigoto… jgk… baru happy buat kerja… baru rasa x t’pksa…
Baru rase bkn kerja tuk byr baby neo je…
Dh lama, xrase nangis2 stress sorg2 ni… zmn skool n uni dulu selalu je kn…
Stress, exam, study xmsk, lecturer.. grrr….. puppy2 love zmn dolu2.. kn…
Tp now, kerja… tetibe basah pipi.. eh?
Am I dat matured, to b dat sad without realizing… eh?????
Myb, ye laa…. More hurt I think. .. its better, I could cry n throw something…
Compare to, tears drop by dgn sgt tiba2…
Wut the wut lin… stress sgt ke? Heartache sgt ke???
Yelaaah… tp nk cite kt sape…
Mumu, sasa, mukgu, mukgi, mukgo da mati…
Do I need to have a pet.. tp nti confirm mati lg…
Commitment shigoto pn x t’handle, nk ada pet plak..
Zettai muri dayou…
PS: Lin, kena kerja dengan ikhlas baru kerja kita ikhlas dan orang pn kerja ikhlas dgn kita dan everything run smoothly.. kalau, ada masalah melanda, tu dugaan hidup semua orang kena lalui. Malah, ada lagi teruk. Cuba belajar bersyukur, stop thinking, why me?? Kenapa… kenapa sy je… kenapa… ada lah tu… hikmah… xpyh la pk byk sgt…
PPS: sy sgt stress xleh tgk bumblebee y br nii. Aiyohhh.. bumblebee… kawaaaaiii… owh, baby neo should I colour u with yellow… eh… nai nai nai.. biar je baby neo putih……… (^.^)
PPPS: lin, kdg2.. mmg I byk pk benda2 nonsense… eish, ni jgkit ngn k.haja ckp nonsense ni… lg byk word offend, y kuar dari mulut I lately… eish, astagfirullah.. insaf cik lin, insaf….

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean. .

Johny oppa… kyaaa…
Hee… exaggerate lebey sket..
11:30 pm, 21st May 2011..
Just back from watching the almost 2 hours movie.
Interesting.. erm… boleh laaa (hee.. mmg susah nk impress u cik lin but sometimes a little bit xtra, I oread like.. kyaa kyaaa – girlssss, couldn’t b understand.. neh~~)
B4 began da synopsis.. let me begin from the scratch.. ahaa…
Friday, 20th may 2011, actually I’m a little bit stress on dat day.
Mcm2.. training coordinator kn…. Actually, the day b4 lg.. well… shigoto.. shigoto… accountability k..
So,t o vanish da stress away, I want to watch movie pirates ni… dakaraa, for the 1st time, buy myself the online ticket. Sign up at gsc web.
Actually, would like to watch dat fri night… demosan… no seat available… huwaaaa… (T.T)…
Find2.. adelah 2 seat next to another, 21st May 2011, 8:30 pm, 3D movie.. actually, xnk 3d bcz I think not worth it but ok laah, tu je y ade.. then, ok confirm.. payment, maybank2u.
Watchinng… hajime… ok, as xpected.. not only the position of the seat not really ok… but to make it worst, there’s a girl behind me… duhhh… disturbance… she like… bored of the movie I think.. ok, listen parents, dun bring kids watching movie at cinema ok… beli dvd, tgk kt umah suda… whenever I watch movie (except midnight movie)… ade je knk2 as disturbance… baby crying laa.. whatsoever… yes, cik lin, u blom ade ank tp.. if I ade, ok, I swear xkn bwk.. except cartoon movie, tu exceptional.. (tp did few months baby do watch cartoon???).. ~sigh~ .. Parents… please understand, wakatta??…
Synopsis of the movie.
The story begin with a man (staff captain sparrow) being accused as a pirates – kononnya dia captain sparrow but guess who being the judges?.. hee…jack sparrow lol.. so then, confirm la dat ahjussi xkena hang.
Then, lari2.. but kantoi… being captured. But of course laa… Jack Sparrow… escaped..n meet with his dad. N his dad give him tips to find the youth fountain – mitosnya boleh life till eternity kalo drink dis water (eh, bkn mitos, btol2 dlm dis movie).
Captain jack jgk did notice there’s a person impersonate him. Guess who.. haruslah awek dia.. Angelica… n as story move, angelica ni daughter to Blackbeard y sgt evil but stil dis angelica want to find the water bcz as they forecasting her father will b killed by the 1 leg man. So, she want to find the water. Paksa rela, jack have to show them the way to the fountain. At the same time, ders 2 more ship sail to the same destination. 1 from spain n another one from dat 1 leg man.
To get the water work, there’s need few things.
1st one, 2 silver bowl which located in a ship which oready being taken by the spain but still, jack manage to steal them back.
Another one is 1 drop tears of mermaid.. waaaw.. mermaid sgt sexy n kawaiiii… but.. evil… they did henshin.. so, Mr beard sukses captured a mermaid. N force her to burst tears using a priest which they did fall to one another.. Priest tu hensem tp cm annoying jgk.. berani x b’tmpt. Huu…
Then……….. as the movie gonna end.. they did find the fountain. The Spain representative did destroy the place of the fountain n drop down the bowl into the water. N ada fight2... As the forecast come true, Mr Beard kena stab by dat 1 leg man. N Angelica pn dying jgk. So, then. Jack hashire2.. to find da bowl n mermaid dtg tlg, don’t waste my tear, she said. 1 bowl with water n another one, water with tear. If drink the one with tear, will keep live but the other one will b dead. So, jack of course laa.. wanna save angelica.. with his ability to bluff people.. Angelica saved by scarified her dad.
Movie ended as the 1 leg man take away Mr Beard ship (revenge success).. n Jack left Angelica at an island.. n Jack also manage to take the black pearl ship… n da story keep hanging… n 4 sure… there will be the next sequence… matta neh…

Friday, 20 May 2011

home made pop corn... waaaw....

Recipe Pop Corn
1) Corn

2) Butter/ Planta/ eq
3) Oil
4) Sugar

1) Heat oil w butter – byk mane? Dlm 1 sudu butter, 2 sudu oil je – just cm tumis bwg
2) Agak cm pot/pan dh hot enough, put the corn, then tutup ngn tutup dia – nti bunti pop pop… best sound dia… goyang2 sket da pot, bg all da corns pop pop pop.
3) When sound pop tu cm slow dh.. ok.. taraaaa…. Baru jdk cmni.. lom setel lg…

4) Next, kita buat caramel. Heat butter with sugar (bajet la nk byk mane, 1 cup sugar n ½ cup butter ok daa… then when butter n sugar tu dah turn kaler caramel. Put a little bit soda bicarbonate.
5) Then, caramel siap, cpt2 tuangkan dlm popcorn tu n kacau dgn kadar segera.. then… taraaaa… siap… home made pop corn y sgt oishiii cm kt cinema… ngeh3…

PS: ok, xbuat sendiri.. cik nor hazirah a.k.a my housemate y buat…tp I tlg jgk ok… (-.-).... lalalala... so, sha.. xblh kawen lg... =p

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I can’t eat….. dame dame…
Ishouni taberu… huh???
Hungry… ahareta dess…
Demosan… I can’t eat dat much…
But I’ll eat just the most… half way n I feel like vomiting…
Myb syndrome….
Yaa… buchyou… I don’t feel like meeting u nowadays…
dakaraaa, much2 works…. Keep hanging…
hanging… hanging aroung.. like merry go round…
owh… where the h**l my courage…
Who make it disappear..
aiyohh… pulanglahh… pulanglaahh…
lama amat being here…
bila nk blk kelate cik linn…
mybe.. I need to go home for a while to built up my courage back..
so dat… I’m doing the right things right…
nowadays… even realize it well…. I’m doing the wrong things wrong…
huh??? Wut the… wut….
Life feel kind of bored bcz miss linn.. u didn’t do things right…
Berdosa ok… but.. but.. but…
Aiyohh… sighing over n over…
Wut do I need now?
I hope someone could understand… evento…
Me… myself… didn’t really get it…
Should b.. o…. didn’t should b…
The 23 years n 5 months ++ old year little lady…
Nani kaaaaa………………….????

 when I couldn’t sleep bcz…….
Unrelated with the ghost story ok….
PS: My Unit now getting new member… so, now.. there’s 18 peoples as my colleagues
1) Buchyou - ermm…. No comment nti kena buang keje.. ngee…
2) Mr B – ermm… jambatan y merosakkan… eh???... baby neo I salah design.. reject shop??? Eh?? Amboi2…
3) Mr J – just few days meeting him.. but… I dun like da way he melatah… I do hate guys/girls uttering bad words like dat… kalo damn o equivalent… acceptable but.. 18 SX words… dai kirai…
4) Mdm Hz – Akak pegi umrah, souvenir, onegai (hee… baru je dpt brooch korea, kamsahamida)…
5) Mdm N - Kak N…… teman sy jom...
6) Miss S – your work, I do respect… bagus amat… but I can’t b like u.. bcz… i xrajin.. bkn mls… tp xrajin.. ngeh3…
7) Miss Hj – besfren Miss S…. chill ye akak…
8) Mdm A – hontou kawaiiiii for 30 years old women with 2 sons… akak… gi nihon lg next month, bwk blk Jun I M’sia okeh… heee… Jun, aishiteru…. Dtg M’sia… onegaishimas…
9) Miss F – next month will b Mdm F suda…. Omedetou…
10) Mdm R – shopaholic… huuu…. how I imagine u with a daughter… owh… abis pink… tidaaak.. patrick….
11) Mdm Hr – Akak.. blk kelate jom…
12) Mdm T – hope ur baby ok saje… jgn typing error company org ye.. walaupunnn… I pun… hee… dat company mmg laaa…. Main perasaan saje…
13) Miss A – gonna b mdm oso by dis year… owh… jdk org tganu nati..
14) Miss A2 – si comey ni…. Rajin2 keje ok… walauponn I sendiri kurang rajin.. hoho… da youngest one.. owh.. I’m da 2nd youngest… owh… nande2…ok lin… ko suda tua… (T.T)
15) Miss E – Cpt kawen cik E… dun lose my MC ok… letey g amik walaupon tgh demam… owh… how I hate being sick but need to drive by my own to get mc n medicine… gosh… kiraaaiii…
16) Mdm L – owh.. next week suda tiba… baby boy…. Born healthy… nti kita mkn pasta lg…
17) Mdm I – jejak kaseh…. Classmate mate ezat my kazen upenya awk ni.. hee… akak… hotel booking2… then… sowi, akk… peserta tarik diri.. cancel lak ek… grrrrr….
18) Miss Z –grrrrr…. Saba2 akak… if there’s I t’slh ckp.. gomenasaii… chill yoooo….
Sleepy… oready… oyasumiiii…
May 17, 2011, 01:20 am

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kadang-kadang kita

Learn a new word from my induction course at Pulau Pangkor and from movie Thor (1st time tgk movie 3D kt Alamanda)…
Of course, it’s a bad word, offend word.. Should I type like this, “d**n….
What so ever… yabeyoo…
Kursus Induksi umum y byk sgt…… b4 dis, kursus induksi khusus which will be cont n supposed b cont at 4 – 6 May but fortunately, postpone, yatta… domo arigatou.. bcz why…
I just coming back from the Kursus Induksi Umum which had been held for 12 days at the same island..
Damn… mattaaa??
12 days, lots of thing happen..
Good? Bad? Things which is illogical? X ada logika.. bak kata agnes…
Ce cite ce cite cik lin…
Xnk laaaa… 12 days… mau berpages will b.. In fact, xblh publish laaa….
Just hopefully, pass the exam.. walaupun…. Onegaiiiii...onegaiii… onegaishimassss….
Actually feel like typing the blog today.. because.. I just finish typing 15 letters (plural, ada s).. n organize it well..
The damn freaking formatting keep running away… damn, I patiently adjust those things..
N again… damn… the file is corrupted… damn.. damn.. damn… damn… damn….
Bersabar cik linn… ada hikmahnya…behind those thing… but cik linn.. u never learn.. n please.. do learn.. keep learning…. Always… learn…. Zutto zutto zutto….
I wish… I wish… I wish… I’m a better person…
The same person but better… do improve… demosan…
Kadang-kadang… saya…
Don’t even know what to do…
Don’t even know how to start..
Don’t even know how to restart…
Please.. teach me… teach me…
By bus… or subway…or walking?
I’m bus… eh??? Script cite domyouji pulak…
Kuso…. Eh… same as damn… ok, don’t practice this word at home, at office or mana2 laa…
Xbek tau… tlg… budi bahasa budaya kita….

Thursday, 14 April 2011

After 1 month +, not updating my blog

Since creating dis blog, every month, at least, der 1 n3 but for march 2011, not even a single n3..
Eh?? Watake??
Bz.. bcz.. as usually, miss linn, luv to hold the job till last minute n ders lots of sudden things came.
EL, attend talk, seminar, colleague EL (so need to take over her job), meeting, induction course, n my office moving to another block n bla2.
Waaaw… taihen desuyo…
Moving… another block.. Block 11 to 57..
Far far away….
Ok, its not my house dat far, just fr 4km change to 8km. n xtra 2 junction. N xtra jam.. n xtra stress.. omo omo… I dun like driving.. tlg jdk driver I, onegaiii….
Would like to highlight here.
Moving is not an easy task.
Please bear in mind. even though its look like easy.
Because its look like not its is… mitaina not da same as, sinjitsu..
I wonder, how hard its gonna take.
But as innovation n transformation generation.
Gambate kudasai, minnasan… evento my fingers like breaking while moving 3 seated sofa which is..
Sgt2 besar n heavy lol….
Minggu Induksi Khusus Bil 1 2011
Ended.. (1/4/2011)
Looking forward for Bil 2 2011, 3 days 2 night.. eodi???? Pangkor Island.. hopefully..
5 days here.. attend class n visiting.. ok lol..
But tired bcz attend course while moving the office.
Eh.. complaining lgk…
Currently at the new office but…
Erm…. No need to describe.. masalah dlmn… huuu
So when stress out.
Eat this kind of thing

Popcorn GSC t’baek..

Strawberry n chocolato.. eh?? Nai des?? Choki2 pn ok wut..

Mabushi cookies… mabushi..
Kenapa, Kame, si comel tuu, member2 (anti japang drama) ckp looks so girl2… xhensem.. eyebrow trim??
Eh??? Wut the wut… comel apa….
Question2 as, “ada ke Kdrama y xbest?”byk ok…
“ada ke Jdrama y best, actor Japang ensem?” answer still byk ok… if 2 3 j/kdrama je tgk..
Dun ever compare.. which one better, which one cuter.. both has their own charming.…n the cuter part., I dun get how cute is described.. ermmm… Jeremy n kdrama actor said, jband is their influence. Oguri is his mentor.. c c c … whatever lol japang dtg dulu b4 korean.. (geram btoll org y compare2 nih, 2 2 ok je.. but dun over critic, I dun like but af9 sucks)..
Have a look at otentou sama stuff..
Kawaiii deshou???

Monday, 21 February 2011

Himono onna… Dare? Atashi??

I’m crazy watching hotaru no hikari again n again.. (2x retgk only)
Omoishiru.. honki des…
No kawaiii actor, heroin cotto kawai but despite of the way she’s dress up..
Zen2, arienai…
Uso, ders sho(not real name) in 2nd season , kawaaiii ok but just supported actor.

comellll kn sho.. ngeee
Hero, a buchyou 40+..
Of course, I’m not gonna say, kyaaaa kawaaiiii to him..
But da drama, da character… waaaaw…..
Bakkaaaa desu.
I do luv da part, when they rolling together..
Goro goro goro goro..
I do practice a lot.. but.. dun have the veranda lol…

Ohhh… how I would llike to have a house like her but no cat please.
The drama do teach me a lot.
Its just simple story of a himono onna.
Himono onna here mean.
A lady who not really being as a lady.
Just, shigoto, otsukaresama, tadaimaa…
No weekend, no outing..
Fail enjoying life as a women
She just crazy over the work but not really success in career either,
N yes, no love story supposed to be involved..
But still, drama, so the himono onna did fall in luv.
Being a himono onna, she clueless bout how is dat.
To be in love, there’s the way.
You couldn’t just fall in love..
N lives happy ever after.
As fairytale in Shrek,
Then, her divorcee buchyou teach her bout relationship.
N yes, success. Himono onna n her bf in love2.
But, as the story move, dis himono onna realize, she’s not being herself when being with her bf.
Only with her buchyou, she will b himono onna (bcz they terliving 2gether).
So, then… as the 1st season gonna end.. Buchyou n himono onna, couple, but the ending, himono onna transfer to China for 3 years..
So wuts gonna happen??
2nd season..
As story cont from 1st season, himono onna become a little bit older and mature (in her look only)..
Buchyou no changes bcz oready old b4.. haha..
2nd season more interesting bcz der sho, daughter masamune kun oso..
Hontou kawaiiii..
Himono onna return to buchyou after 3 years.
N her viva distance relationship, only a lie not to be made by any other girl.
Bcz ders no one as gud as her buchyou, 3 years distance relationship. Just contact by 1 postcard.
Wut the wut right?
Drama ok.. no emo…
So, drama begin.
Ders third party form both side.
Jealous2 but because their love is real not imaginary.
Therefore, their relationship success..
Ending with married.
A clueless, careless, crazy, n no common sense women..
End up with a married life..
Waaw… impressive..
I do like the part when sho try to kiss himono onna.. n himonna onna said, “dame, I will fall in love with u”
Wut the wut??
Its dat when u being kiss, u gonna fallen..
Its dat easy to fall in luv??
Himono onna… supposed I’m not interested and not planning to copyright her.
But, I do found its interesting..
Life, shigoto, otsukaresama, tadaima, ittarashai…
No shopping, no hang out…
A bored life but the way the drama illustrated. Its quite fun..
Goro goro goro goro…
Why not become one?
but married with a buchyou? 40+ divorcee… arienaitsunooo…

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

When tears wouldn’t stop pouring…

Aiyohh… naide equal to ame?

Aina itsunoo.. doshio2…
When trouble come after another.
When I feel like losing
Wouldn’t it better if I’m running away.
Demosan.. otokajo?
Wouldn’t u give me any idea?
Or answer because I the one who didn’t know how to answer
Question that been ask
That been point to me?
Yaaah… I don’t have anyone to tell my problem right now
Since it’s become multiplying, taihen desuyo..
Who should I rely? Who should I talk with?
To let go the annoying feeling inside of me?
Kazoku? Tomogachi?
Yadaa yoo.. wakaranaiiii… lei it go..
But if I let u go… I’ll never know.. eish (lyrics westlife lol)
Wut the problem actually is?
Why I just feel.. The things just don’t get right..
When I’m the one in charge?
Naze? Naze?
Too many questions waiting their answer.
There’s time limit.
But, I didn’t even manage to enter the exam hall.
How I’m supposed to answer?
and if I manage to, how the answer will be mark?
By dareka? Are they qualified to give me any marks?
Are they qualified to give me any judgment?
Today, lynnlinn-sama feel like give up.
Mataa deska??
Haih.. haih..
Fighting lynnlinn-sama..
Back to shigoto tomorrow.. Life should be moving on..
Sou desuka??? Hait. honki des.
If incorrect, baby neo? Whose gonna pay for her?
Hate talking bout money..
Hate bout mentioning how money is needed.. but but but but..
Its not even 100k, why need many procedure?
U all really jokers…
Huhhh?????? I’m just follow the order.. Its dat my fault? Owh.. responsibility….
PS: I’m thinking a lots tonight, I’ve been ask to think regarding other matter does relate to my future. But my mind interferes with anything else. How should I do the thinking? Doshio.. doshio.. doshio..
PPS: I really tired right now. Tired of thinking, tired of explaining. Tired of listening. But that’s learning. U need to learn lynnlinn-sama. Its like my manager said, as Islam state, u need to learn till die. So, if stop learning, mean u’re already dead. Am I correct. But sometimes, the 23 years old, 2 month n 13 days of me just couldn’t afford the learning process.. Please do give me some times and support me to be a better human.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wedding my youngest uncle a.k.a Ayah Pi a.k.a Sir Hana a.k.a Md Hanafiah Md Yunus

As my n3 b4 did mention about wedding my Ayh Pi.
So, in dis n3, I'm going to cite the wedding ceremony.
Once again, kekkou omedetou
Da story, hajime.
3rd Feb, mlm itu... berlangsungnya akad nikah. dikatakan hana-chan melafazkannya 2x sblm sah jd hubby Cik Hani. I dun follow, need to tlg2 bcz the next day will b the event.
4th Feb, da big day, mjlis perkahwinan di rumah penggantin perempuan... n di sana kami, dif2 vvip t’buat bride’s house mcm rmh sdri.. gome2.. tp mmg I dun like da photographer.. kerek nk mmpos.. =p… so, take2 photo, gelak2.. bising2.. kelik kelik kelik….
5th Feb, majlis menyambut menantu at our house pulak. Unfortunately, I kena gastric on dat day.. gile saket.. but still dgr my family bising2… huks3.. sgt stress xdpt join da event. Then, bila mkn2 da abis, take2 photo dh abis.  I xjoin.. huhu, even mkn pn, mkn 2 sudu nasi saje.. huwaaaa… for da last session, bukak hadiah.. ni I join bcz the aches suda kurang maa..
Then.. bersurai.. esoknya.. most of us, pulang mencari rezeki kembali.
PS: I dun like dis n3 bcz its really look like I dun have any interesting point. ~sigh~… mitaina…^^

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Stop Jatuh Centa Miss Linn

Centa, Love, Crush, Ai, Koi, Sarang…
N etc… (byk lg tau, tp xsure da spelling, huhu)
Waaaaw… byknya…
As drama addicted haruslah kaan…
But do I noe wut is a real luv mean??
Haruslah xtau.. erm.. mada2.. belum tau..
So, akn tau kah? Selagi hayat di kandung badan (nyanyi cm Lan n Noh nyanyi ok)..
Hee.. actually just teringat sesi lunch with my colleague, last week.
Location: Kedai Mamak kt Warta, kuar ngn K.Sab, Kedai Mamak laa, mane lg..
Topic Perbincangan: Husband org y gedik o the girl?
Girl’s talk: bla2.. so, I think y menarik, when I said, nk buat cmne, dah terjatuh centa, xleh buat ape dh.. n 1 of my colleague say, ade ke centa sbnrnya?? Centa btw guy n girl, ade kew? Centa btw Parents, siblings, n of course y Maha Esa, mmgla wujud, nyata dan real bkn Imaginary, so xperlu ltk i (ok, y ni I y tmbh sdri). But btw guy n girl, centa tu ada atau diadakan atau ntahlaa, xphm la akk tu ckp.. I knk2 lg ok, 23 taun, 2 bln (nk msk), so, oweys think centa spt dlm cite Shrek tu la kn... Then I pn b’pk….

Dush, baru tersedar, actually I dunno wut is luv btw guy n girl actually is.. n oweys claim I’m falling in luv lgk n lgk..
Hoho.. ok, I fall in luv as a fan je.. luv y xreal, y ade i, (Imiginary number), luv long distance, luv y ade rindu, luv y I need to c him every day, I need to hear his voice every day.. luv y mcm real luv.. eish, real luv tu mcm mane ye?? Gosh, pathetic pulak rase.. childishnya.. I tot, I matured enough but.. maikka.. himono onna kah I?? Amemiya Hotaru???? Perhaps so.. not bad pe.. himono onna saigouuu… (nnti nk buat n3 psl ni)..
Currently, mad in luv with oppa, hari2 nk tgk dia, dgr suara dia.. how come u, oppa.. kenapa comel sgt oppa.. bila cenyum tu, kenapa jadi sgt kawaiii… dino pn xcomey cm oppa, walaupun pegi jumpa dino smpai 2 kali sbb nk compare kecomelan.. tp still…oppa menang lg… cmne nk jatuh centa betul2 ni.. thn ni da 24, next yer, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 n… o’oo… kalau pnjg umurla kn… live as himono onna kah? Himono onna pn ade buchyou.. huk3..


PS: bila demam, otomatikly, jari jemari meracau kt blog..
PPS: Honestly type, penah jatuh centa betul2 tp dh lupa cmne rase.. cmne dh eh?
PPPS: xkisahlah ape2 pn.. jnji bhgia.. should b.. talking bout should b, its oweys happen in contrast.. erm.. I xhepi tp kenapa……. Sbb… blh tgk oppa dri jauh jew.. huk3… (my crazy just… run3…eish, lagu oppa lagi).. yameru, cik Linn.. (-.-")
Oppa, tasukette..
Moral of da n3 actually: husband org jgn gewdik, gegirl jgn gewdik jgk.. Dino, tlg tmbh kecomelan anda. Oppa, tlg kurangkan kecomelan anda, n nyanyi, jgn best sgt.. letey la nk tgk oppa n dgr suara oppa jew.. byk keje lain ok..
Demam selsema.. tlg cpt baek.. I xblh MC dis week sbb, next week I cuti pnjg.. cuti kahwen…
Uncle I..
Omedetou Ayh Pi a.k.a Sir Hana ---- tiba2…

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tips for SPA interview for position: Researcher Officer Q41 – Malaysia Nuclear Agency

Just writing my own experience for this position, I’m not even succeed for the interview, just been nominated as reserved candidate. However, luckily, or could I say, rezeki ALLAH and the bless from my family’s prayer, I’ve been accepted for this position after been reserved for few month. Alhamdulillah, thanks ALLAH.
The interview session last in less than 30 minutes – the shortest time compared with the other 9 candidate. I’m the only degree candidate, others are in their study for master, graduated with master degree and even 1 candidate got his PHD. How I’m nervous and feeling down and wanna run away. run run run... lariiiii....

As I remembered, the interview’s questions for this position are:
1) As usually, it starts with, please introduce yourself.
PS: you need to memorize your ic no (who’s not), your spm result (all subject because they want the confirmation, so do please memorize them well)
2) The interviewers asked any other question, the simple one maybe to calm myself. PS: examples Q: what do you do during your free time, your favorite sports (please don’t mention you’re not sportive type), and etc.
3) Next will be the real question, for my session, I’m asked to tell them, what you know about 1 Malaysia. What is the significant, the purpose, based on what history (OMG, I forgot the year of the history (13 MEI 1969). And the most question which I answered it with so much confident is: our current PM is the no. ? PM. So much for my confident, I answered it, the 5th PM.. Please, don’t follow me. I’m turn into stupid blushing girl after realizing, how silly my answer is. The interviewer asked me to think again, and the 2nd interviewer give me a super duper smirk. (o-O). n one more, do remember to address minister with YB, YBhg, n etc.
4) The interviewer also asked about MOSTI, who the minister, vice minister, s/u (crap, I dunno), the head of the nuclear agency, the vice and s/u (again, I couldn’t answer). Vision and mission (I only know the vision, mission I forgot). PS: do mention u’re already go through the web just u’re forgot – show our interest and effort to enter the department).
5) Forgot to mention, for my session, there were 2 interviewers, 1 from the SPA and the other was from Nuclear agency. The 1 from SPA asked aboved Q, the other one asked about nuclear stuff. PS: eg: how X-ray had been emitted, the particle involved, the nucleus, electron, nucleon, the charge. It was so damn simple question, yet I dunno what I “goreng” all the stuff all about. PS: don’t pretend u noe if u dunno anything (just say sorry – but don’t answer it all the times – means, do need to prepare a lot) but do pretend u noe everything if u noe a little bit. However, please make a very good pretending, do plan your answer.
6) Last, the formality, the thanks saying and you may ask us anything. PS: make sure u ask something to show that u really interest to join them as an employee. The end of my session is: what wrong with your leg? Thanks to the 3 inches bloody heel.... ~~~~blush~~~~~~(*.*)
-The end-

PPS: actually, its been months typing dis n3 but forgot to publish post.. huhu

Monday, 10 January 2011

saya suka awak..

Saya suka awak
Saya suka awak
Saya suka awak

dai dai dai suki...

Tetibe teringat skrip akim dlm cite eskrem tu.. kawaiii....

n tetibe nk ltk gmbr jun..

n tetibe teringin tgk hana yori dango for the 1?th time??
but soft copy, y i delete.. n cd kt umh...

n tetibe mau pulang ke rumah..

hee.. byk nya tetibe..

tlg ingtkan aku..
owh, yaabe... muri2 dayou...
zen2 ainaitsunooo..

huk3.... (T.T)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

lyrics 5x10, romaji to karoeke, translation to understand.. arashi, aishiteru..

deatte suunen are wa guuzen na ki mo suru ne kizukeba juunen
sora ni mai agatte yuku fuusen
kyasha na go nin de norikomu yureru fune
"tada waratto kou..." "kitto yume ga kanau toko..."
sou ii kikaseteta goro no kako mo ima mune ni matou (yeah)

aseri fuan ikidoori bakka nanka kanjiteita hibi mo attana
demo anata ga itekureta kara sono egao atakakatta kara
aruite kore tandane (yeah) yoko ni narabi tsukanda te (yeah)
kono sugoshita jikan sae... tte nanka ne ima wa mada tada tereru ne

karadajuu ni kaze wo atsumeta bokura, sasae kirenai kanashimi mo,
anata ga ita kara egao ni dekita.

mujaki ni kana deta fukyouwaon wa , ironna sekai wo mite kitanda.
ki ga zukeba itsuno mani ka sore ga, bokura ni natteta.

honki de naite, honki de waratte,
(bokutachi kara wa takusan no ai no
kotoba shika mou hontou ni nanimo nai no)
honki de nayan de, honki de ikite,
(uta ni nosete saido
kasaneta fun no dekkai ai wo)
ima ga aru, mune wo hareru.

honki de naite, honki de waratte,
(bokutachi kara wa takusan no ai no
kotoba shika mou hontou ni nanimo nai no)
honki de nayan de, honki de ikite,
(uta ni nosete saido
kasaneta fun no dekkai ai wo)
ima ga aru, mune wo hareru.

"ippo ippo" chikai michi nado nai nara shinjiru michi wo iku shikanai kara
moshimo anata ga nai tara koko de mata aou yo
kono aikawarazu na yatsura kara tada ai okuru (yeah))
tomo ni nozomu mirai for you (yeah)
saki no yama wa kaze de koeru toberu
bokura no iro de atari someru yeah

hitoribocchi de nozoita sora wo, anata mo miteiru no kana?
nara, utau yo. sora ni mukatte... sou chikara no kagiri.

honki de naite, honki de waratte,
(bokutachi kara wa takusan no ai no
kotoba shika mou hontou ni nanimo nai no)
honki de nayan de, honki de ikite,
(uta ni nosete saido
kasaneta fun no dekkai ai wo)
ima ga aru, mune wo hareru.

bokura ga kawashita koe ga kienai no naraba, chikaeru yo kono ai wo hyaku nen saki mo.
egao ga saitemasu youni.

zutto zutto kokoro ni arunda. dakara koso tsutaete mitain da.
arigatou... "kore kara mo arigatou"

koko ni tatteru. bokutachi ga ima, kagayakeru no wa kimi ga iru kara。
go nin de iru. zutto iru.
ima made wo chikara ni kaete, kawaranu ai de tsutsumi kondara
eien ga, hora eien ga
boku to kimi dake ni umaretanda.

La la la la...

Love Love for you

The years after we met feel like a coincidence, and now it's already been 10 years
The balloons floating up into the sky
The rocking boat that we five scrawny boys boarded together
"Let's just smile..." "I'm sure our dreams are about to come true..."
The days in our past when we told ourselves that are all in our hearts now (yeah)

There were days when we felt nothing but impatience, anxiety, or anger
But because you were there, because your smiles were so warm
We've come this far (yeah) with your hands at our sides to hold on to (yeah)
Talking about the time we've spent together... it's still a little embarrassing

The winds we gathered throughout our bodies, the unbearable sadness
Because you were there, we could turn it all into smiles

The poorly tuned harmonies we sang so innocently have seen many different worlds
And before we knew it, they had become who we are now

We genuinely cried, we genuinely laughed,
(There's nothing we can offer now
Except words filled with all our love)
We genuinely worried, we genuinely lived,
(So we'll say it in a song and sing it again
With all the love that has grown around us)
Now we have this moment, and we can be proud

We genuinely cried, we genuinely laughed,
(There's nothing we can offer now
Except words filled with all our love)
We genuinely worried, we genuinely lived,
(So we'll say it in a song and sing it again
With all the love that has grown around us)
Now we have this moment, and we can be proud

"Step by step" If there's no path nearby, all we can do is walk the path we believe in
If you should ever cry, we'll meet here again
We unchanging guys will send nothing but our love (yeah)
And wish for a future together for you (yeah)
We'll use the wind to cross the mountain ahead, we can fly
We'll paint everything around in our own colors, yeah

I'm looking up at the sky alone, and I wonder if you're seeing it too
If you are, I'll sing to the sky... yes, with all my strength

We genuinely cried, we genuinely laughed,
(There's nothing we can offer now
Except words filled with all our love)
We genuinely worried, we genuinely lived,
(So we'll say it in a song and sing it again
With all the love that has grown around us)
Now we have this moment, and we can be proud

As long as the voices we've exchanged don't disappear,
We can swear to hold on to this love even 100 years from now
And we pray that you'll still be smiling then

It's always, always in our hearts, that's why we want to try and show it to you
Thank you... "From now on as well, thank you"

We're standing here now, able to shine because you're there
The five of us will always be here, forever
If we turn everything up to now into our strength, and wrap it up with unchanging love
Eternity... look, eternity
Was born just for me and you

La la la la...

Love love for you