Monday, 26 November 2012

Me & Glasses for 12 years

Ok, spectacles to be exact as glasses seem like one of amorphous material – aha, I miss my material physics again.

I’m wearing it since form 1, I guess. It was bout 12 years already. Oho, I’m sound like an old young lady.. (hehe, boleh?)

Being diagnose having difficulty in sighted, it’s totally not a surprising thing as in my family; half of them depend on this to see with clearer view.

Check out this chronology, (suddenly feel like typing this kind of n3 as I just bought a new one – hoho)

I get my first glasses at Rosmadi Optometrist, in front of The Store KB, the yellow building, the one with McD in the same building but currently the building turn to red colour and being a cloth store, I think.. bring back the yellow colour The Store. Huhu..

At first, I just feel like dizzy2. When I read, its some kind of blurry vision. And ask my ayah to get me the spectacles. But I guess, actually the dizziness doesn’t that much but the gedikness to wear one is much more. . Haha.. and guess what, my ayah were anxiously to bring me over some kind of medical expert to get treatment as he worry much bout my health. A child who experience kidney problem at her 8 years old, my parents surely having trouble whenever I complain having some kind of pain. Ok, ayah and mak love my siblings evenly but because the hospitalized nightmare, towards me, they like.. being worried for a little too much..

Ok, then.. optometrist, should I call Dr. for the first, they ask me whether I can’t see far or short distance. And as na├»ve little 13 years old girl, I just reply. Ermmm.. not surelah. And the Dr ask me whether I can see plat number of a car. And I think I said, yes. Then, based on my symptom, the Dr said, u have problem for short distance. Let’s do the eye check up. The E o u N H and etc2. Then, choose the frame. I guess for the start, my power were just bout +1.00. ok it was +ve!! As it short distance. For the frame, I think I want the frameless one as its some kind of stylo at that time (ok, nak sama dgn Dr Paul). I remember, my favourite character, Dr Paul in medical HK drama wearing one, oho, its super kakkoii. Where are you right now?? Aha. But I still remember, the Dr said; that type easily break down, as a child like u.. ermm.. ok, I’m gonna choose, the dark blue colour with half frame one.
Yatta.. new specs.. new image (konon).. but.. oho.. wearing one doesn’t really comfortable. Yes, I can read more clearer. The headache and dizziness reduce. But.. to have something on your nose, on your ears.. aarghhhh….

After a year plus, I can’t see very well even using the specs. Then, I guess, I need a new one as my friend said, the power of the lens could be increase as you just wear on off. Ok, matta. This time, I’m using my scholarship money (I just get it, yeaa.. – excellent student ok – hoho).. The second one, I bought with my mom at Wakaf Bharu. Forgot the name but the optometrist this time were a lady. Very soft spoken one. Then, the check up begin.. o’oo.. Guess what? The power not +ve but –ve!!.. I think around -1.5 or 2.0.. (not that much)..

Ok, the Dr explain to me that, my problem changing from short distance to far distance. But it supposed be as the one with short distance problem were ahjuma ahjussi.. not, a teenage like me.. (ehe, form 2 or form 3 that time, teenage ok!!!).. then, yeaa… new spec again. Frameless light blue (teenage, can wear it.. forgot bout the tendency to broken down).. lalala…
And matta, I guess.. I wear it whenever I want. Just when I watch HK drama to see the subtitle more clearer.. haha…

Then.. form 4.. enter the MRSM KT – oho, the nightmare of study begin, the tons of homework begin, the miserable life without water begin and also the most memorable school life also begin. As the spec were not always on my nose, I just bring it in my pocket but the baju kurung for prep doesn’t have one. So, after prep, perform the prayer. No pocket, then just put down wherever. and then, there’s a time. Oh, where a you, little glasses. Disappear!!.. ok, maybe I left it somewhere.. hehe.. its not only once happen ok.. and yatta.. found.. but.. (T.T).. the glasses broke down into 2 pieces.. uhuks3.. ok.. balik kampong, buy new one.. new specs.. matta.. yea yea..
This time I buy at Kota Bharu, near the bus station, now the building already gone and turn to Parkson I guess. This time, matta.. frameless.. blue one.. still not wearing it too much..

UTM… Forecast student. MARA already give the money.. so, shopping time.. haha.. ok, I’m not that shopaholic, just buy the necessary (eh???).. and one time, I accompany Cik Norlah to but a new spectales at Focus Point, in Jusco Taman U. o’ooo… there’s promotion. If you buy 2, there will be discount. Oho, after wavering a few minutes (eh???).. yes, I nak jugak. The power this time a bit higher. -2.5 I think.. Andwaee….. this time, half frame. And guess, its super colourful, turquoise with green and black.. otoke, I choose that one at that time. Some kind of regret feeling actually.. so, please don’t wavering and buy anything on a whim.
Matta, even though, can’t see much, still doesn’t were too much as the specs totally not comfy and people some kind, canteknya specs lin. Its feel weird…

Then, I think I went alone to the Taman U or with Cik Zati – stress time, maybe. But, also having trouble with my view. So, decide, buy a new one. I go to the optometrist in front of the Jusco. Eye check up. Oho.. the power increase a bit much. -3.00.. ok, that’s explain why. buy a new one.. frameless, black and white. The glass a bit thick, dai kiraaii.. (cheap lens)…

Ok, this time around, I wear it more obediently as can’t see a way too much without it.

Graduation.. yattaa2….

Working experience begin. Starting to become an adult.
And new image, of course.. hehe..
So, with the salary not that much, I buy a new one at focus point KB Mall. Hoho.. and guess what, the power for this time, reduce.. yatta2… perhaps, by wearing it more obediently and taking lots of vitamin A from carrot.. its surely work. The power this time, -2.50. choose a full frame brown colour. not very long time wearing it, my adik, itu syamir Gomuk, step on it.. warghhh… not broken as it were full frame but the frame kind of.. I can’t wear it.. but. You know, as not having much money and still in hunting job period.. it were despretooo… so, go to the focus point, please repair this, onegaaaiiii…. Ok, done, but still not very ok2.. but wear it laah…

Then.. Nuclear Malaysia. Starting this time, I’m wearing the contact lenses. New Image ok as government officer.. (gehh.. sila batuk)… but.. wearing lens, its really take time and LECEH for super lazy lady like me.. (lady dh)… then, I end up wearing it for just half year. And when I deserted at Langkawi island, end of 2010.. (coordinate a course there)… being totally alone is a big no no for me.. as, I’m gonna wandering alone and will buy anything I’m afford to. Andwae…. Then, ACCIDENTALLY entering the optometrist.. SALE!!!... EYE CHECK UP.. matta.. but the power this time around -1.25 only? I did ask for recheck twice as its like unbelievable (siap gaduh2 manja ngan amoi optometrist tu, aigoo).. ok, accepted. Bought the full frame, red brown one..

Then, starting that point, not really wear it. Just wearing in when I’m driving and really need to. Contact lens, seldomly as the liquid already expired, I throw 1 bottle ok (sangat membazir)..

Then.. wear it bout a year plus.. bored with it already and whenever I’m driving when the sun were hotly shining (agagaga???).. my eyes hurting and I wear the specs with sunglasses to avoid that. Super uncomfortable. Then, there’s a time, I go out on a “date” with cik masz and the mines, then, I found it, a bit cheap specs at A Look Store. So, ok, next month, I’m gonna buy it.

The next month already coming. And that Saturday look forward to buy that specs. But, unexpected things occurred. Sayonara cik masz. As I’m going home but thinking super blank super bored but to go to the mines hitori2, its impossible for me. Then, ok, alamanda. Go to survey a few optometrist store. But I’m ended not buying any as a bit higher price compare with ALook. Then, home… but still, feel like really desperately need it. Then, heading to EconSave. Just a bit unpopular store. And lastly, I end up buying a new one. Bit expensive but whateverlaah. The power this time is -1.5, 0.5 for the silau view. Yeah.. same power for both eyes. Make it easier to buy the lens. Am I gonna wear them again? Here, the list of specs I’ve had in this 12 years.

1) Dark Blue Half Frame
2) Light Blue frameless
3) Blue frameless
4) Turquoise, Green and Black halframe
5) Black and White Frameless
6) Brown full frame
7) Red brown full frame
8) Dark Blue Purple full frame

8 specs within 12 years.. oh?? Super panjang n3.. hehe.. (^.^)

My new specs

My new lens: I only bought grey colour o colourless as grey colour is super fake and colourless just real.. hehe..