Sunday, 31 October 2010

fon i.. pulangkan.. pulangkan....

Life without handset is such a burden
Again, the clumsiness of me
Put things here n there
Always left, forgot, opps….
Such a careless behavior keep repeating
Again n again
n yes, say good bye to my baby white
evento its not blackberry o Iphone
o any other 1k+++ worth mobile phone
The way it missing
The way it been stolen
Do make my heart burning with anger
Oh ahjuma, why didn’t I notice u
I always forgive but not forget people
Evento my laptop which worth more been stolen
I forgive dat person already
But dis time.. its ahjuma
Person with baby n hubby
Together with ur beloved persons
How could u
Does it make your life happy by taking things not belongs to u
u u u….
u deserve my cursing
u deserve my fren’s cursing
u deserve my family’s cursing
I’m turning into weird again
Typing dis n3 like she will reading dis nonsense nagging..
Cursing u is so damn tired to do
Curse curse curse curse……..
I wish u will repent.
I’m no gud either but I do learn in Pendidikan Islam n my parents do taught me…
Taking a 5 minute left Sony Ericson hfon which worth RM400+ n turn off it within the minute is equal to stealing n dat is a sin.
Wearing a scarf, a mommy, a wife….
Eish2… kejamnya u…
Dai kiraiiiiiii…
I’m so damn bz (with my seminar, I need to call lots of person), so damn tired (byk sgt keje xsetel), so damn in much pain (ulser on my tongued – sakiiiit amt) , n equivalent…
I need my phone.. I really need it… simcard I can be retrieve at maxis centre n da nearest one is at Mid (30 minute if smooth traffic, if x????).. but my neo not here yet.. how could I go der???
I feel so much trouble, too much sakit hati.. I dunno wut to do…
Nag, curse, pray, reciting Quran… but still… the anger not yet released…
Letey la ahjuma..
I miss my baby white.. pulanglah
Feel like dun want to have any mobile phone…
Fon ofis je boleh???
Half life I dicurik lg… 2nd time…
2nd time my half life lost…
I’m turning to radioactive.
Alpha, beta, gamma ray
Oooooooh noooo….
No hazardous radiation plisss
Aishiteru senpai
Jun, kame, nanba senpai, yamapi….. miura…. Jeremy….
Tidooooo linn…. Fight o oh…
Sabar separuh drpd iman
It’s the 2nd lesson ..
More carefull….
Okeh??? Wakatta???

Jaaaa naaaa….

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Potluck alumni KLM

Not sure the correctness of the title (sila cek kt fb)
Actually, it’s a very sudden decision to join dat program evento I click maybe attend the event (saje je ltk niat walaupun mmg xnk pegi pd asalnya)…
But dgn tetibe I want to join da program..
Ok, laa… gelak2.. b’cerita dis n dat..
Reduce my level of stress n nervous of handling my 1st big event.. uish, terpk blk.. go away2.. I dun want to think bout it… Monday nti pk ok!!!
back to da story.. yes, it is reduce the stress of keje, demosa…
Waaa.. kami sesat.. from bangi tu puncak alam take bout 3 hours..sgt sgt lama..
But everything goes just right laa….

Jumpa bbdk klm y sgt2 lama tidak jumpa..
2 years xcontact .. kalo contact pn, sket2 je kot sbb b4 dis keje sesuke hati..
X permanent as currently, so, as I like.. nk resign2.. dakara, couldn’t join anything la sbb bz with interview n soever n bla2 (wut da h*** I did in 2 yers eh???)…
So conclusion of dat program..
Aym bbq sgt sedap, thanks to cik aemi
Coleslaw jgk, thanks to cik nad n me (hee, tlg potong carrot sket ok)
Cocktail too, thank to akak wife a.zul (lupe name, aiyoh, ampun dipinta)
Teh tarik which is only 1 cup je ditarik, thanks to kk afzan…
Air soya jgk lg, thanks to a.usop
Rendang n ketupat daun palas pn sama, thanks to akk wife a.zul lg..
N all da fud n drinks.. sgt2 sedap….
For da transportation, thanks to nad y dgn gigihnya, finally succeed to bring herself n me to da destination dgn selamat n y tlg anta blk umh walaupun looks very2 tired n sleepy..
So, 1.30p.m to 11.35 p.m….
Tanashi desu yo!!!!!...
PS: y sebenarnya, sy sgt2 segan utk tompang kete org, dh la xisi minyak kete pn..huhu.. tp.. dunno laa, I’m become more2 shameless *blushing*… nti belanja eh korang, tuntut la pd bila2 masa .. (^.^)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Reunion MRSM KayTie 03/04 for the ? time

Xsure reunion kali ke berapa diadakan but I join it for the 3rd time.
Dis time,little bit different bcz we having a picnic gathering.
Waaa.. sgt interesting..
Usually our gathering will be held at food court, then mkn, men bowling, karaoke, borak2..
But dis one, barbeque, mkn2, borak2, mndi air terjun… sgt seronok n best…
Especially utk org2 jakun y dh lame xmndi air terjun…

Thanks to penganjur Mr Farid Nadzmi Dzulkarnain (waa, name penuh tu) n Miss Hafizah Osman (ye ke name bapak dia ni, huhu, next yer da jd mdm,katenya).
Da story begin wen I t’coment photo gathering time bulan puasa, serious xtau cz time tu I guess xbkk FB sgt. So, sgt jeles melihat gmbr2 u ol n I think I comment, buat la lg gathering.
N 1 day after dat, Miss Pjah trus buat event… Rehlah Kaytie?? Not sure la, y pntg event kt Sungai Tekala… sgt excited spt electron b’tnga tinggi rasanya..
So, mmg confirm nk join evento haruslah facing transport problem. Sgt2 ramai state da problem. Therefore, our FNDZ (tetibe jd our) give his comment (lupe tp.. very2 touching la farid, I like..)
Dgn itu, confirm mau join, transport we will think later on…
Then, then then (pendekkan cite)… Miss Masz msg I to go with her, n emi..
I apa lg, sgt2 hepi with dat invitation..
Then, then lgk….
B’msg, b'comment di fb, stating da hepi2, xsbr feeling memasing n jgk promise burn nk blanje donut big apple y tlh t’gnti ngn kek y sgt sedap (tp still, donut, I nk jgk)….

Dijdkn cite, since Miss Emi n Masz akn menetap di umh I mlm b4 kejadian, Miss Pjah as penganjur tlh take advantages to us dgn meminta kami menggoreng bihun sbyk 2 packet.. I dgn lapang dada menerimanya dgn rela tnpa pksaan…
So, mlm b4 kejadian, kami (I n Emi) goreng keropok n potong sotong n udang n waiting for Miss Masz (from Perak) dtg menginap di umh I til 1 a.m.. n as common sense when kwn lame b’temu, we chating till 2 a.m ++…
Dat early morning, cik emi wake up at 5.30 a.m. n bcz of her, I wake up at 6 a.m, n then cik Masz wake up oso.
Goreng bihun with da kecik2 kuali (3 kuali) til 7.00 a.m. then, we turn to alarm clock Mr Syarir (masz da jnji nk amik dia, join sekali)… then smpai 9.00 pg, Mr S itu not yet wake up, we decided to go to knock his door. But unfortunately, smpai2 dictu, his house no berapa eh??? Arghhh.. Miss Masz…. Then, lgk call, call call till 9.15 a.m.. akhirnya.. Mr S wake up… n then waiting… waiting… 9.45 a.m… yatta… time kasih kerana testing our patient.. sabar separuh daripada iman wut??
N then.. the day begin… ramai y da smpai.. so, sgt rase b’salah bcz we bring our bihun to treat them as breakfast n besela, I sgt2 baek, I dun like people waiting for me (I serious bila taip blog).. 10.30 a.m., we arrive der… tgga2 di tpt kejadian sgt2 mencabar I.. huhu.. letih pnjt tangga..
Tetapi, wen meeting them… the tiredness disappear (terharu x korang??)
So, slm2… n gi mndi air terjun.. then mkn2… borak2…amik gmbar.. bkr2 aym (sorry cz kiteorg pdmkn bara tuh, masz y buat ok.. =p) difitnah xmndi (pdhl we oll da bgn awl n I da buat milo utk tetamu2 I dat early morning.. sob2, I dun like u Mr Burn, Syarir n sape lg y fitnah kami???
Ending, mkn eskrem.. pstu burn belanja eskrem lgk… amik photo lgk..
Then, 4.00 p.m, bye2, sayonara, matta kondo…
The end..
Overall, sgt hepi, sgt njoy, tapi ade feeling xbest sket sbb bihun sgt2 byk lebey, sib bek Mr S amik n one more xbest feeling wen kami b’3 xsmpt mndi air terjun ramai2 cz time u ol pegi kami pdmkn bara (huhu,t’ok, bkn sengaja)… n wen kami pegi korg da blk, tp ada jgk kot together2.. xkesah la..
Anyway, I njoy myself.. tolong2 buat lg ok…
Miss u ols