Wednesday, 17 October 2012

When people talk like they were in ur shoes.. Should I say: domo arigatou or just SHUT up!!!

Problems.. Keep gathering, arising, increasing, multiplying..
As aging process take part.. slow slow slowly.. Why it doesn’t decay and vanished? I’m really curioussss..

As positive “me” always say: Dugaan hidup, learning process, ada la hikmahnya tu n blah2… But its kind of.. irritated, when, people said: oh, its dat really can happen? But before this, it’s never happen?
And this me, gonna said: oh, really, that before is when? Itsu? Eonje? Bareba.. but that before, definitely not me right? (MARAHHH)

And regretful to tell the truth is; always, I’m turn to somehow, ungrateful human.
Ok, bumi mana tak ditimpa hujan.. I know it, realize it.. Other people also facing those problems. Those arinaitsuno matters. People also keep asking; why me?.. Oho, how ungrateful.. u’ve given everything already, just please stop asking for more. We have to being thankful for who we are. And yes, it’s doesn’t mean, we have to stop trying to make our life better. It’s surely been ask by religion and also any other view.

When having some kind problematic event, which I try to just running away. But, this not very young lady for sure could not run that much. And of course will dragged back facing those with depress feeling. Wanna die feeling (exaggerate, Istighfar).. uh uh uh.. shaking head..

Actually;I try hard to change it. Try to be cool.. Try not to become angered towards my own self all the time. Annoyed feeling please, just get lost n don’t ever using GPS or wutever equivalent to find ur way back. There’s nothing going to change, even u piercing ur heart hardly (hyperbolically). Sitting down n waiting for good news, it’s really pathetic action to be made, yet, I’m always do that. Menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba. What gonna happen to ur lap? Oh.. It’s the moon… it’s not going to effect ur lap only but whole earth, whole milky way, I guess.. I’m not complaining the Malay idiom as English or Chinese Idiom isn’t exceptional. I just simply typing anything crossing my mind right now..

Oh, people. As my n3 earlier, just don’t claiming u’re empathy or sympathy.. Neither one, I really care. And this mouth always said when having trouble: I give up. People will said: linn, dameyo.. fighting for some more. And me: speechless for a moment. And reply: if u’re me, than, wut u can do? People: errr.. There will always a way of solution or perhaps to make it better. Try to do this, try to do that .. oho, me: u’re not me, all the suggestion .. were… ________________

The conclusion: if u’re not me, just stop giving suggestion which is gonna irritating me more. Ok, just talk whenever I ask. And this me: please don’t ask. Just crack down ur head by ur own.. arghhh..

N3 heartache and brainache.. mental breakdown.. Insomnia for this whole week.. aha.. n 1 of the GP (my participant) ask me to do a medical checkup as I’m showing anemia symptom. Eh???? Colleague said: eh, not even pregnant, yet anemia. Me: I don’t think so, just, I’m stressing over lots of matter.. n yes for sure, I’m not PREGNANT.. oho, please… (-.-“) --> feel some kind of jealous over pregnant women, as their condition will be the reason over lots of thing..

Today: a bit dizzy2, when keep mistaken which floor I have being.. aigoo...
uh uh uh uh (singing I wish by FT Island, Jeremy super kawaiiii)…

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