Sunday, 3 November 2013

Akhirnya, berpindah juga selepas 3 tahun 4 bulan setengah..

At last…

I’m moving to another apartment.. (Sewa sahaja, beli tunggulah harga naik sejuta dulu, saya merajuk dgn harga hartanah Bangi (WTH!!!)

Say Good bye to Taman Desa Sentosa indah permai, No Network coverage, neochan mandi bunga pokok dgn daun, ranting2 pokok sekali, binatang2 berkeliaran di jalan & nearby neochan as I don’t think they could climb the 2nd floor which neochan will be parked from now on, the possibility to wake up at 7:30 but still manage to punch at 08:00 (memang tak la), kanak2 depan rumah yg sesuka hati made our gate as their goal net? Well, net never make any annoying sound as gedegang!!! Our gate made from iron which Dickson ate as breakfast.. Wahaha.. GKG.. eh.. & whatever never ending problem which do PM me to know.. =P… and.. Good bye my dear 2 exhousemates.. Sayonara!!

Say Hello to Taman Tropika, extra junction to cross (extra takut bawak neochan), extra traffic light, extra distance to the office, extra traffic jammed which I will definitely make it worst with additional extra “careful” car on the road.. hoho.. Will be some flooding area to cross.. extra money to spend as the fuel will empty faster than before, the rent were > triple, the commuter station is walkable distance as of course possibly make myself go to mid valley or any other super besar mall which can reach by the commuter every weekend (oh yabaii!!!) & any other problem (bumi Malaysia mana tak ditimpa hujan).. and Hello my new 2 housemates.. Hajimemaste!!!

Sekian, berita pindah rumah hari ini.. ^.^”

This is my new rented shared apartment:

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